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October 2000 Web News

Stedman's Medical Dictionary Now Included in Health Source Plus

The Inspire database Health Source Plus recently added Stedman's Medical Dictionary to its search interface screen. This highly regarded dictionary provides important medical definitions for health consumers, doctors, nurses and others in the medical profession. This online resource will allow users to research exact medical terms within the fields of genetics, pediatrics, oncology, cardiology, emergency medicine and bacteriology.

To access Stedman's Medical Dictionary within Health Source Plus from any IU Northwest campus computer or from home, go to the IU Northwest Library's Electronic Information Page  and choose either the Connecting From On or Off Campus link.

  1. At the next screen, click on Inspire Databases. NOTE: If you are connecting from off campus, this system requires a connection via an Internet service provider that Inspire can identify as located in Indiana. If you subscribe to AOL, AT&T, CompuServe or any other out-of-state provider, you will need an Inspire Digital Certificate. This may be obtained at the Inspire Web Page.
  2. At the main database menu, choose Health Source Plus by double clicking on the highlighted blue link.
  3. To use Stedman's Medical Dictionary from the next screen, click the Medical Dictionary icon on the top toolbar.
  4. At the new search screen, medical terms can be retrieved by typing a keyword in the dialog box and clicking Browse.

For more help or information about this and other Inspire databases, contact , Library News Web Editor.