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April 2000 Web News

 MCB University Press' Emerald Database Provides Online Access to Over 100 Electronic Journals

Through a consortial agreement with other CIC libraries, the IU Libraries recently began a three year system-wide subscription to the MCB University Press' Emerald database system. This Electronic Research Library Database delivers multi-user access to over 130 journals published by MCB Press in full-text electronic format. Some of the journals include The Journal of Marketing, Personnel Review, TQM Magazine and Reference Services Review. The database also contains over 25,000 management articles from its archive back to 1989 (full-text articles are available from 1994 to the present; abstracts only available from 1989-1993).

To access this database from any IU Northwest campus computer, go to the MCB University Press Web site at

  1. At the Emerald area, click go under Subscribers Access to Use the Journal Service.
  2. From the next screen, choose Enter the Emerald Library.
  3. At the next screen, users can select specific journals by title by clicking View by Journal Title button or browse journals located in the following collections:
    •  Engineering Library
    •  General Management Library
    •  Human Resources Library
    •  Information Management Library
    •  Library and Information Services Library
    •  Marketing Library
    •  Operations, Production & Economics Library
    •  Property Library
    •  Quality Library
    •  Training & Education Library
  4. The web site also features a keyword search index, a table of contents for each specific journal collection and an alphabetical keyword subject heading index called A-Z. If any assistance is needed, the database contains a help section explaining how to use each section as well as how to view, print and save articles.

Furthermore, the database offers subscribers a free e-mail alert service for contents of user selected journals upon publication, with instant links to the full-text. For additional information about the Emerald Library, contact , Library News Web Editor.

Inspire Unveils Two New GaleNet Databases on Its System: Informe! and Biography Resource Center

Since mid-February, INSPIRE has added the following databases to its web site.

  •  Informe!

Informe! is a Spanish language reference database designed for the needs of Spanish speaking library users who want current information on topics of interest to Hispanic-Americans. It also provides English speaking patrons wanting to learn Spanish a gateway into contemporary Hispanic culture.

This database provides indexing and abstracts for 59 periodicals (48 percent are full-text) as well as popular Hispanic newspapers and pamphlets. Topics covered include automobiles, computers, family and marriage, business, literature and writing, music and entertainment, news and opinion and commentary. Examples of full-text periodicals featured in this web-based product include: El Nuevo Herald, Hispanic Times, Letras Libre, Time International, Epoca, Latin Beat and El Mensajero. Material is indexed and cross-referenced with a Spanish language thesaurus and is available in both Spanish and English versions.

  •  Biography Resource Center

The Biography Resource Center is a comprehensive database of biographical information on more than 180,000 people throughout history, around the world and across all subject areas and disciplines. It combines more than 242,000 biographies from venerable Gale sources such as Encyclopedia of World Biography with full-text articles from nearly 250 periodicals and magazines. Users can search for people based on one or more facts such as birth and death years, ethnicity, occupation, gender or nationality.

To search Informe! or Biography Resource Center, go to the Inspire Home Page at

  1. At the Search Inspire Now box, click Go.
  2. At the next menu, select the specific link for these databases.
  3. Both databases provide a dialog box to enter search terms. They also have Help sections that describe effective search strategies.

The Inspire Virtual Library can be accessed from IU Northwest campus or home computers. NOTE: When connecting off campus, this system requires that you connect via an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that Inspire can identify as one located in Indiana. If you are connecting via AOL, Compuserv, AT&T or any other out-of-state provider, you need to submit an INSPIRE Digital Certificate. This certificate can be obtained online at the Inspire Home Page.

, Library News Web Editor