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June 1999 Web News

Retrieve Full-Text College Catalogs With CollegeSource Online

Career Guidance Foundation recently shifted its microfiche college catalog collection to the Web. This online resource called CollegeSource Online provides full-text access to 9,600 college catalogs from two-year, four-year, graduate and professional schools .This web-based collection is available from any IU Northwest campus computers.

To access the database, go to the IU Northwest Library On-campus Electronic Information page and choose the CollegeSource Online link.

  1. At the database's main menu, you can either type a keyword from a college name in the dialog box provided and click Search or select the College Search link on the left.
  2. After choosing College Search, college catalogs can be retrieved the following ways.
    1. Alpha Search - Searching or viewing an alphabetical listing of colleges.
    2. Criteria Search - Access schools by enrollment, affiliation, tuition and major.
    3. Name Keyword Search - Locate all schools who have a specific keyword in their name.
    4. Coming Soon - College catalogs will also be accessible by geographic location.
  3. When a user selects a college catalog, the database displays it in its original publication format using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of this software, go to the Adobe web site. For some schools represented, a brief school profile and a link to the institution's web site is also available.

For more information about searching this database, contact , Library News Web Editor.

Explore CIS' Statistical Universe On the Web

The IU Northwest Library recently subscribed to the Statistical Universe electronic database. Produced by the Congressional Information Service (CIS), this web resource allows IU Northwest students, faculty and staff to search a comprehensive index to over 100,000 publications containing federal, state and international statistics.

Statistical Universe features:

  • All U.S. Government issued statistics from 1973 to the present through American Statistics Index.
  • Over 1,000 of the best private and state government statistical publications since 1980 in Statistical Reference Index.
  • Almost 2,000 titles from approximately 100 international organizations published by Index to International Statistics since 1983.

To search Statistical Universe:

  1. Go to the IU Northwest Library On-campus Electronic Information page and select Statistical Universe.
  2. The main menu includes detailed sections about frequently asked questions on conducting statistical research, locating background information about government statistics and connecting to other relevant web sites.
  3. Most importantly, this database provides a keyword index for finding tables in Statistical Abstract and a Statistical Sources Index to search for over 100,000 statistical publications by subject, title, issuing agency / publisher, author and Superintendent of Documents (SUDOC) call number. These two indexes each provide extensive online help for formulating effective keyword search strategies.
  4. Retrieved abstracts from Statistical Abstract and Statistical Sources Index include a detailed description of the publication's statistical contents. In many cases, the Statistical Universe database may itself provide full-text access to the publication where it can be viewed and downloaded by section or table. Certain abstracts may also contain links to the agency's or publisher's web site where the full-text document may be read or downloaded.

For additional information or questions about using Statistical Universe, contact , Library News Web Editor.