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November 1998 Web News
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Read About the Latest Scientific Developments by Accessing The Next Wave

Since October, the IU system began subscribing to Science's Next Wave, a web-based database that provides resources for the next generation of scientists. A service of the American Association the Advancement of Science, Next Wave provides job market news and career advice along with lead stories on science's hot topics such as nanotechnology. Most importantly, Next Wave offers access to Science Magazine Online. Due to the terms of IU's subscription agreement, users can only retrieve current or past issue table of contents, not abstracts or full-text articles. IU's annual subscription for this service is generously paid for by the Graduate School.

To access The Next Wave, go to The online service's main menu features free access to GrantsNet, a funding database, JobsNet, a listing of jobs currently available in the sciences as well as a salary survey. Users can also search the entire web site by entering keywords in the box provided or search by country to read about scientific developments and discoveries worldwide. The database also provides a limited access to the online version of Science. When searching for information from Science Online, the user can browse this week's table of contents, perform a keyword search for a specific topic or browse subject collections or back issues.

Note: The Next Wave database can only be accessed from IU Northwest campus computers. If you have any further questions about using this database, email , Library News Web Editor.