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December 1998 Web News
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Locate Science Information with McGraw-Hill's Multimedia Science and Technology Encyclopedia

The IU Northwest Library recently installed the McGraw-Hill Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, Release 2.0 on a designated CD-ROM workstation in the Reference Department.

This encyclopedia features 7,100 articles written by 3,000 renowned scientists and engineers, over 122,000 clear, concise definitions from the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms hyperlinked to articles for quick access, over 1400 high resolution color graphics, photos, maps, charts and tables as well as more than 30 high quality topographic maps and 60 animation sequences. It also provides keyword and context relevant searching, extensive hyperlinked cross references along with study guides offering lists of articles in specific curriculum areas.

Here are some basic instructions for using this encyclopedia available on a Reference Department CD-ROM workstation.

  1. At the IU Northwest CD-ROM Databases main menu, double click the Encyclopedia of Science and Technology icon.
  2. By clicking the Contents box, you can search the Encyclopedia, Biographies, Study Guides or Dictionary to look for a topic.
  3. After selecting a specific section, a Find dialog box will appear where a keyword or topic can be entered (e.g. genetic engineering). When the topic appears, press Enter.
  4. The entire full text document will then be available to read. The selected article also has links to other topics which can be accessed within the document. The document also provides a guide to related subjects as well as an article outline.
  5. Encyclopedia articles can be printed or downloaded to a floppy disk. To print an article, click on File at the top of the screen and select Print. To download an article to a disk, click Save at the File menu.
Note: Full-text printing at any IU Northwest Library computer workstation costs ten cents per page. If you need further assistance while using this CD-ROM encyclopedia., don't hesitate to ask the Reference staff for help.

MLA International Bibliography Web Access Debuts at the Library

In another move to expand the services available to the IU Northwest community, the library has added a web-based subscription to the MLA International Bibliography. Now you can access this index from any of the library's On-line Catalog stations or from any other computer on the IU Northwest campus. To connect, simply go to the library's On Campus Electronic Information page.

Produced by the Modern Language Association of America, the MLA International Bibliography indexes critical materials on modern language, literature, linguistics, and folklore. Covering literary and language scholarships from 1963 to the present, it provides access to over 3,000 journals and series published worldwide, monographs, working papers and proceedings, bibliographies, and more.

The MLA International Bibliography provides easy access to a vast spectrum of subjects, from the prose of Machiavelli to the poetry of Adrienne Rich, from genres to literary forms, from national literatures to regional dialects.

, Library News Web Editor