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Indiana University Northwest

Taylor Lake

Course Descriptions

Below are descriptions of the courses I teach.

S121 Public Speaking

Theory and practice of public speaking: training in thought processes necessary to organize speech content; analysis of components of effective delivery and language

S122 Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication is the study of one-to-one communication in a variety of settings, including business, home, industry, and college. This study involves the understanding of concepts, development of skills, and retention of material pertinent to analyzing the effectiveness of these skills. You should benefit from your accumulated skills in your present circumstances and future situations, such as in management, as an employee, in a marriage, or as a parent. Because this may be the only time in college you examine communication intensely, the course needs to do more than "talk about" the subject. Your personal goals for this course may include finding ways to communicate so that relationships run more smoothly and friendships become more meaningful. Additionally, the ability to speak effectively with others is the vehicle to job success and satisfaction. In brief, let's face it: Communication is an important part of our every day. Our successes and our failures may, in large part, be attributed to our communication skills.

C200  Intro to Mass Communication

Survey of function, responsibilities, and influence of various mass communications media. Directed toward the consumer and critic of mass media in modern society.

C351 TV Production 1

Coordination and integration of production principles for practical application in television; emphasis on studio production of nondramatic program forms. Lecture and laboratory.

C460 Culture and Mass Communication

This course is a critical overview of the relationship between mass media and American culture. Course content will explore what it means (politically, economically, culturally, and morally) to live in a culture in which a major portion of information comes to the citizen through multiple channels of mass communication.

C462 Media Theory & Criticism

Description and evaluation of various theoretical strategies that attempt to explain the ways individuals and groups react to media. Critical analysis of several media with attention to the connective and artistic functions of visual and aural components.