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Indiana University Northwest

Nelson De Leon

Professional Homepage

Theoretical Chemistry
Department Chair
Associate Dean A&S
IU Northwest Council
IEAC Committee
Tele: (219) 980-6742
Office: Marram 208

Chemical Dynamics

       We conduct research into the theoretical classical and quantum mechanical pathways that lead to chemical reactions. Classical analysis and chaos theory are used to understand the details of intra and inter molecular energy transfer preceeding reactions. Much of our work focuses on computer models of reactions and theoretical anaylsis of the data. We also seek to apply our models and theoretical methods to real experimental data on small molecular systems.cylindrical manifolds

Chaos Theory

       Dynamical chaos occurs everwhere in nature: water flow, turbulance, weather patterns, chemical reactions to name a few. We are interested in developing computational and mathematical methods that illucidate new ways of understanding the underlying structure in chaos.

Quantum Methods

      Another interest  of ours is to develop computational methods that allow the efficient calculation of quantum mechanical propweties in small molecular systems. These methods incude using classical mechanics to extract quantum information using semiclassical methods.
shrodinger equation