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Indiana University Northwest

Professor Kristin T. Huysken


  • Magma tic evolution of silicic systems
  • Rates of magma tic processes
  • Age and Volcanic history of the Southwest Nevada Volcanic Field
1200 km3 ash-flow sheet
1200 km3 ash-flow sheet
underlying tephra sequence, SW  Nevada
large lithic fragment
Very large lithic fragment entrained
in a mass flow unit, SW Nevada
Stratified pumice and ashfall deposits
Stratified pumice and ashfall deposits, SW Nevada

Ash-flow eruptions provide us with instantaneous samples of the magma bodies from which they erupt. In southwestern Nevada, Late Cenozoic eruptions produced a series of very large volume (up to 1200 km3), chemically zoned, ash-flow sheets associated with Basin and Range extension. Many of these voluminous magmas shared the same plumbing system, forming nested calderas upon eruption. Recent effort has focused on determining the relationship among these magmas, however, questions as to the origin and evolution of these magmas still persist.

Current Research Interests:


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