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Indiana University Northwest

Professor Julie Peller


Fall Semester 2009 (course descriptions.)

IU Northwest Chemistry Department News

Joe and Dr. Vinod collecting water at Little Cal East

Prof. K. Vinodgopal and Asst. Prof. Julie Peller are completing the project:  Real-time Fluorometric Assay for Sewage Presence: A Cost-effective Method to Determine Potential Water Quality Threats to Swimmers and Ecosystem Health,  funded by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG). The grant is for $120,000 over 2 years and is a collaborative effort with research scientists at the USGS Great Lakes Research Station in Porter, Indiana.

Lubna Hussain and Tim Kratz (VU, Civil Engineering)  presented a poster at the Radiation Chemistry in the 21st Century conference, July 2009, held on the University of Notre Dame campus.  The title of their poster was Radiation Chemistry for the study of Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Model Organics in Treated Wastewater Matrices.

Green Corner: It is easy to get caught up in behaviors established by society, many of which are not in harmony with the natural environment. Our cars emit approximately 20% of the carbon dioxide emissions. For every gallon of gas burned, a car emits 20 pounds of CO2. The technology exists for all cars to operate with fuel efficiencies of 30 mpg or better. What can you do?
  • Make fuel efficiency a high priority in your next car purchase.
  • Organize your driving needs to travel as few miles as possible.
  • Dust off your bike and pedal your way to your destination.
  • Car-pool.
  • Let your legislators know fuel efficiency must a priority.

*G185, Global Environmental Change

v  Team-taught, interdisciplinary course:  learn science of the environment by integrating Biology + Chemistry + Geoscience!

v  Examine the science of climate change, disappearing ecosystems, air and water contamination and many other environmental topics.

v  Pre-requisite:  high school chemistry and/or a semester of college chemistry

G185: offered in the Fall ’09 semester; TR 4:00-5:15

Questions?  Contact the Department of Geosciences (219-980-6740)

LSAMP applications are due July 31st!