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Indiana University Northwest

Janice A. Grskovic, Ph.D.

K536 Open House 2004

     K536 Open House

July 1, 2004 

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Darcie and Liz enjoying the food

School of Education Staff Members Cindi, Ana, and Andrea

Dean Wigle and Dr. Grskovic

Kristine explains a project to her parents

   Student Projects  

Amy Domoras

"The Effects of Positive Reinforcement on Task Behavior During Independent Reading"

Marc Chavez

"The Effects of Token Economy on the Punctual Completion of Passing In-Class Assignments?

Shawn Hoover-Davis

"A Comparison of Self-Study and Repetition on Spelling" 

Joel Sarkey

"The Effects of Modeling and Reinforcement on Hand Raising and In-Seat Behavior"

Pete Trgovich

"The Effects of Reinforcement on Off-Task Behavior"


"The Effects of Contingency Contracting on Work Completion" 

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Yolanda Bracey

"The Effects of the Horse Intervention"

Cynthia Renee-Farinelli

"Sight Word Recognition"

Terrie Komjathy

"The Effects of Task Analysis on Mastering Computer/Camera Skills"

Gina Campagna

"The Effects of Analogies on Science Concepts?

Kristy Elsey

"The Effects of Reinforcement on Compliance"

Darcie Johnston

"The Effects of Social Skill Training on Appropriate Language"

"The Effects of Coupons on Requests for Popsicles"

Marcie McCance

 "The Effects of Positive Reinforcement on Preparedness for Class"  

Kevin Gardner

Chris Eszenyi

"Do Immediate Rewards Increase Work Time?"

Robert Klinedinst

"The Effects of Reinforcement on Early Childhood Behaviors"

Kathleen Bona Vogel

"The Effects of Different Musical Types on Reading Rate and Comprehension

Jaklynn Turner

"The Effects of Direct Instruction vs. Audio Tape"

Kristine Van Hoose

"A Comparison of Verbal and Visual Approaches to Vocabulary Instruction"

Rob Wilson

"A Comparison of Two Methods of Teaching the Alphabet"

Tamara Boyd

"Increasing Independent Reading Time"

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Michelle McGill-McClendon

"A Comparison of the Effects of Structured and Natural Approaches on Reading Comprehension of a Student with Hearing Impairment"

Kristie Elliott

"The Effects of Token Reinforcement on Learning Sight Words"


Miranda Nchekwube

"A Comparison of Teaching Sight Words Alone or in  a Sentence"

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Jerome Grskovic

"A Comparison of Two Foreign Language Acquisition Methods"

Joel and Bob enjoying Kevin's Poster

Wanda Clark, School of Education Secretary, preparing her vote