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Indiana University Northwest

Janice A. Grskovic, Ph.D.

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 K536 Open House    July 3rd 2003

 Student projects were excellent.   Food was wonderful.

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John Scowcroft

"Effects of Instruction, Prompts and Praise on Legibility of Handwriting"

Most Difficult Dependent Measure

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Amanda Childers

"Effects of Contingent Art Time on Math Problem Completion"

Most Effective

Emma Haring

"Effects of Contingent Reinforcement on Exercise"


Rusty Ritchie

"Effects of Reinforcement on Latency of Compliance to Request"

Most Scientific

Nicole Hodges

"Effects of Contingent Story Time on Toy Pick Up"

Lots of wonderful guests

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Julia Perkins

"Effects of DVD Rentals on Running"

Robin Carter

"Effects of Cash Allowance on Kitchen Cleaning"

Clean Room Award

Lisa Pajkos

"Effects of Monetary Reinforcement on Giving Dogs their Pills"

Most Attractive

John Rice

"Effects of Contracted Reinforcement on Classroom Talking"

George Smith

"Effects of Contingent Reinforcement on Exercise"

Brigette Campbell

"Effects of Reinforcement on Toilet Seat Position"

Most Effective

Jasmine Grskovic

"A Comparison of Two Methods for German Language Learning"

Shirley Fisher

"Effects of Contingent Reinforcement on Walking"

Merry-Jeanne Knotts

"A Comparison of Two Methods for Sign Language Learning"

Best Graphs
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Bunny Gary

"Effects of Contingent Reinforcement on Tardiness"



Julie Clark

"Effects of Primary Reinforcement on Potty Use Behavior by a 2 year oOd."

Potty Training Award

CieAna Gomez

"Effects of Contingent Praise and Social Attention on Phone Conversation Interruptions"

Mark Sirovica

"Effects of Praise on Kitchen Tasks"


guests looking at posters

guests looking at poster projects

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