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Indiana University Northwest

Janice A. Grskovic, Ph.D.

IN ED Conference 2006

24th Annual
Indiana Conference on ED
"Closing the Gap: Evidenced-Based Practices"
April 27-28, 2006
Nashville, IN

Empowering Teachers to Teach Behavior

Janice A. Grskovic, Sheila Marie Trzcinka and Saleem Rasheed
Indiana University Northwest

With NCLB, the push for inclusion of students with challenging behavior is stronger than ever. This session will briefly review the literature on consultation, provide a model for collaboration between general and special educators, and demonstrate specific skills for responding to inappropriate behavior that can be easily taught through consultation

Mike and Sandy, Pirates
 Pirate Wenches- Aaarrrrrgg!

Monkey Killing Pirates
Northwest Indiana teachers

The Dude
<>Ahoy, Matey.
      Dr. Sheldon Braaten enjoying life.           

Rock a bye baby - Hands on social skills
Mike Shelby receives an imaginary face painting.