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Indiana University Northwest

Janice A. Grskovic, Ph.D.

Graduation Celebration May 5, 2006

Morraine Center

Graduate Ayesha Searcy

Andree Anderson, Dr.Vi Lanis, and Dr. FranCina Conard

Graduate Jim Vrehas and his wife

Dr. Dana Dodson      Kathryn Lantz        Denise Witczak

Graduate Deb Broom

Graduate Leissa Pierson and her son

Graduates Tinisha Morrie and Jasmin Bankhead

Dr. Carrie Cate-Clements and Dean Stan Wigle

Graduate Tim Pivarnik, Dr. Janice Grskovic, Dr. Ken Schoon

Graduates Kristen Leon and Scott

Future Graduates

Dr. Saleem Rasheed

Graduates Shawn Hoover Davis, Amy Domoras, and Kristy Elsey
with Dr. Grskovic

Good bye to Dr. Jim Boland- the retirement rocker

Dr. Jim Boland and Dr. Stanley Wigle

Dr. Vernon Smith presenting a tribute to Dr. Boland

Drs. Boland and Cate-Clements

Drs. Blohm and Boland, best buddies

Dr. Blohms's tribute to Dr. Boland