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Indiana University Northwest

Janice A. Grskovic, Ph.D.

Council for Children with Behavior Disorders 2003

International Conference on Children and Youth with     
Behavioral Disorders

October 2-4, 2003

St. Louis, MO

Meeting the Diverse Needs of Children and Youth with Learning and Behavioral Problems:
Strategies, Supports, and Services that Work

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Dr. Grskovic
Dr. Hall

Dr. Goetze
Dr. Julius 

Group Picture 1
Group Picture 2
Dr. Grskovic with art
Dr. Hall with art

Dr. Janice A. Grskovic presenting on Active Response Beads
photo of Dr. Grskovic presenting

Dr. Arlene M. Hall presenting on Communication for Conflict Resolution
photo of Dr. Hall presenting top

Dr. Herbert Goetze of the University of Potsdam, Germany, presenting on Life Space Intervention
photo of Dr. Goetze presenting top

Dr. Henri Julius of the University of Frankfurt, Germany,  presenting on Attachment Theory

Henri Julius  

Dr. Julius, Dr. Grskovic, & Dr. Goetze
photo of group top


Dr. Julius, Dr. Goetze, & Dr. Hall
group in restaurant

Dr. Grskovic and a Picasso at the St. Louis Art Museum
photo of Dr. Grskovic

Dr. Hall and a Monet (Water Lilies) at the St. Louis Art Museum
photo of arlene