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Indiana University Northwest

Janice A. Grskovic, Ph.D.

2006 Masters Students Defending their Projects

Robert Klinedinst
A General Education Teachers' Perceptions of an Inclusive Education

Robert Wilson
A Comparison of Two Methods for Teaching Mathematics
Melissa Marnell
The Effectiveness of Accelerated Reader on the Reading Performances of Students from Lower Socioeconomic Background who Read Below Grade Level
Shawn Hoover-Davis
Will Positive Reinforcement Using Tangible Rewards Increase the Number of Completed Classroom Assignments?
Kerry Anderson
Does Repeated Reading Affect Third Graders' Self-Confidence As Readers?

Jaklynn Turner
The Effects of Daily Incentives on Homework Completion in a Special Education Setting

Brian Vance
Beyond the Four-Step Approach to Art Criticism: Increasing Student Responses and Perceptions to Artwork through a Critical Inquiry Method

Brooke Vance
Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Character Education Program
Ginger Mikulich
Inquiry-based Activity verses Verification Activity in the Earth and Space Science Classroom  

Leissa Pierson

The Relationship between Math Anxiety and Math Performance 

Amy Domoras
A Comparison of the Affects of Two Procedures to Activate Prior Knowledge on Reading Comprehension

Scott Gold
A Comparison of the Learning Style Preferences and Academic Achievement of Sixth Grade Social Studies Students

Kristene Van Hoose
General Education Teachers’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward Inclusion

Liz Hein
The Effects of Self-Regulation Training on the Math Achievement of High School Students with Mild Disabilities

Joel Sarkey
The Effect of Character Education in an Advisory Program on the Social Behavior of Urban Middle Schoolers

Carlos Reed

An Evaluation fo the Additive Affects of Cooperative Learning Laboratories on Adacemic Achievement in Physical Science

Chyamiah Martin
Effectiveness of the Inquiry Primer Model in E328: Teaching Science in the Elementary School

asmin Bankhead
Closing the Achievement Gap in Science: Gender and Self-Esteem

Yolanda Bracey
The Affects of Spelling Instruction with Educational Games on the Sight Word Reading of Students with Disabilities
Kristy Elsey
The Effects of Touch Math Instruction
Christy Lewis
The Affects of Within Class Ability Grouping on the Math Achievement of Secondary Students

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