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Dr. Eva Mendieta

Syllabus Spanish for Native Speakers (S221, S276)

Textbooks and Ancillaries  | Classroom Courtesy  |  Class Attendance  |  Workbook Exercises | Oral Presentations  | Compositions  |  Final Exam  | Grades  for S221 and S276

General Information

The Spanish for Hispanic Students Program is a review of spoken and written Spanish grammar, complemented by a selection of short stories by well-known Spanish and Latin American authors. This program has been designed to overcome the different language-learning problems of students who grew up speaking Spanish at home, but who have had little formal study of the language. Special emphasis is given to writing and reading and to certain grammatical forms that tend to present difficulties to native speakers.

Textbooks and Ancillaries

  • Ana Roca. Nuevos Mundos. Wiley and Sons. 1999.
  • Ana Roca. Cuaderno para estudiantes bilingües Nuevos Mundos. Wiley and Sons. 1999.
  • Spanish/English & English/Spanish dictionary.

Classroom Courtesy

Late arrival, early departure, eating in class and private conversations between students is disturbing and disruptive to other members of the class. Please be considerate of your fellow students and your instructors.

Class Attendance

Regular attendance is essential for learning in a course of this nature. In order for you to acquire any foreign language, you need to practice as much as possible. Using Spanish with your classmates is an excellent way to practice and reinforce what you have learned. Therefore, it is extremely important that you attend class and actively participate in class activities.

Workbook Exercises

The Cuaderno de ejercicios is designed to review and reinforce the grammatical structures in the text while simultaneously concentrating on the problem areas of Spanish speakers. Emphasis is on reading and writing (orthography, grammar, and vocabulary). Some of the exercises will be done in class and some will be assigned as homework. The day of the chapter exam I will collect all the pages corresponding to the chapter covered.

Oral Presentations

Every student will give a short oral presentation based on research carried out individually on a particular aspect of the topic covered in the chapter. In your book and workbook you will find a wide arrange of different sources of information (printed material, audio/visual, internet, etc.).


The "El arte de ser bilingüe" section of each chapter will help you develop strategies to communicate through writing more effectively. You will write the first draft of your composition in class. Then, after the feedback received from your instructor and classmates, you will write your second and final draft at home. The second version will receive a grade.

Final Exam

The final exam will be comprehensive. Students with and average grade of 83 or higher and no more than three (3) absences will not be required to take the final exam.

Grade Determination for S221 and S276

  • Four (4) chapter exams at 100 points each.THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP EXAMS. 
400 points
  • Four (4) compositions at 30 points each. 
120 points
  • Four (4) Cuaderno de ejercicios at 25 points each
100 points
  • Four (4) Oral presentations at 40 points each
160 points
  • Homework and quizzes/Class participation
70 points
  • Final examination
150 points
TOTAL: 870 (without final exam) or 1,000 (with final exam).

A 100-93
B- 82-80 D+ 69-67
A- 92-90 C+ 79-77 D 66-63 
B+ 89-87 C 76-73 D- 62-60
B 86-83  C- 72-70  F 59-