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Indiana University Northwest

Dr. Dorothy (Dee Dee) W. Ige

Publications & Research Interests

Public Speaking and Responsibility in a Changing World   

Public Speaking & Responsibility in a Changing World

    • Business Communication
    • Gender & Multicultural Communication
    • Interpersonal Communication & Public Speaking
    • Communication Education

Selected Publications (Communication Focus)
    • Ige, Dorothy and Montalbano, Lori.  Public Speaking and Responsibility in a Changing World Dubuque: Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2012
    • Montalbano, Lori and Ige, Dorothy "Personal Narrative Performance in the Classroom: A Teaching Tool." Communication Teacher  25 (02) pp.100-107 Spg 2011
    • Ige, Dorothy W.K. "Learning Through Interaction in Televised Courses" FACET's Quick Hits (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1998)
    • Ige, Dorothy W.K. "Teacher Discourse Countering Students' Resistance to Assigned Grades" FACET's Quick Hit s(Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1998)
    • Ige, Dorothy W.K. & Lukas, Terrence "Acquiring Music, Pictures and Video for Use in Teaching Distance Education Classes," Journal of Educational Computing Research, 13 (1995), 401-412.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "Selective Book Analysis: Communication Apprehension in Speech Methods Texts," Communication Education, 38 (1989), 81-83.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. & Phillips, Minnie B. "Helping Students Handle Communication Anxiety,"  Teacher Talk. 6 (Fall 1988) 2
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. & Phillips, Minnie B. "Meeting the Challenge of Intercultural Education in Secondary & Higher Education Speech Communication Curriculum:  A Position Statement & Procedures,"  Journal of the Illinois Speech & Theatre Assoc., 38, (1986), 25-30.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "Treatment of Language Differences in Speech Education Methods Textbooks,"  Central States Speech Journal, 36, (Winter 1985), 315-18.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "A Creative Writing Unit,"  Ideas Plus: A Collection of Practical Teaching Ideas, (Urbana, IL: National Council Teachers of English [NCTE], 1985), pp. 51-53.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "Approaches to Black Language Studies: A Cultural Critique,"  Journal of Black Studies, 15 (Sept., 1984), 17-29.
    • Williamson-Ige Dorothy K. "Meeting the Challenge of Excellence in Schools Through Intercultural Education,"  The College of Education's Response to the National Studies, Contemporary Educational Issues Series, No. 1 (August, 1984), 39-42.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "Do Not Teach Unto Them as You Would Have Them Teach Unto You--Their Needs May Differ,"  American Secondary Education, 12, (Autumn, 1982), 5-7.
Selected Publications (Gender and Crosscultural Communication Focus)
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "King's ‘I Have A Dream' Speech Themes," in African American Communications, James Ward (ed.) (Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt 1993), pp.219-233
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "Shirley Chisholm With Black & White Women's Audiences," in Women Communicating: Studies of Women's Talk, Barbara Bate & Anita Taylor, eds. (Norwood, NJ: Ablex Pub. Corp., 1988) pp.91-106.
    • McKitric, Eloise & Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "Effects of Economic Changes on Single-Parent Families," Family Strengths, 8-9, (1987), 323-332.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. & Ige, Adewole A. "Comparison of Preferences for Male Children Among Black Women from the United States & Continental Africa," 12th Annual Third World Conference Proceedings, (Chicago: Third World Conference Foundation, Inc., 1986), 177-189.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. & McKitric, Eloise "An Analysis of Sex Differences in Educating the Handicapped," Journal of Research & Development in Education, 18, (Summer, 1985), 72-78.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. " A Critique of Two Chisholm Speeches on Women's Rights for Black & White Females," Missouri Speech Journal, XV, (1984), 50-58.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "The Effects of Education & Race on Black & White American Female Preferences Toward Two-Year Versus Four-Year College Training & Work: Implication for Higher Education & Women's Rhetoric," Encoder, 10 (Summer, 1983), 15-28.
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K. "Education & Work Preferences of African Diaspora Women in the United States,"  The Journal of Modern African  Studies, 21 (Sept. 1983), 545-49.
Related ot Publications
    • Williamson-Ige, Dorothy K.  Work on women communicating cited in The Quarterly Journal of Speech 77 (Feb. 1991), 112.
The next seven (7) citation numbers represent full length research studies on Communication Education and Gender Communication and are distributed by the national Educational