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CRA411 -- Norman Purdue Papers Photographs
Calumet Regional Archives
Box File Folder Description
1 1 Photograph, (1), Norman Purdue and Adam Benjamin, November 1, 1976
2 Photograph, (1), Adam Benjamin, James Balanoff, Norman Purdue, and Vance Hartke, Nov. 1, 1976
3 Photograph, (1), Ed Sadlowski, unknown, William "Buddy" Todd, Norman Purdue, and James Balanoff, 1976
4 Photograph, (1), Norman Purdue and Unidentified, n.d.
5 Photographs, (2), Norman Purdue with various United Steelworkers of America leaders (inc. I. W .Abel and Joseph Germano), n.d.
6 Photographs, (2), Pullman-Standard plant (closed), Hamrnond, n.d.
7 Photographs, (3), Graver Tank plant (closed), East Chicago, n.d.