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CRA401 -- Milan Opacich Papers Photographs
Calumet Regional Archives
Box File Description
2 11 Photographs, (3), St. Joseph Church, Gary, n.d.
12 Photographs, (1), Lew Wallace School Addition, Gary, n.d.

Box Description
5 Photograph, (1), Trinity Lutheran Church, 1949
Photograph, (2), St. Mark's Parish Directory, Gary, 1949
Photograph, (3), St. Mark's Parish School, Gary, 1950
Photograph, (4), Owens Auto Supply, Gary, 1944
Photograph, (5), Slovak Club, Gary, 1952
Photograph, (6), Residence of Dr. Neal Davis, M.D., Ogden Dunes, 1951
Photograph, (7), St. Joseph Parish Directory, Gary, 1947
Photograph, (8), Lew Wallace School Additions, 1952

Oversize (Shelved with collection)
Photographs, (2), Gary Fire Department, 1949,1959
Photographs, (2), Serbian Singing Society "Karageorge," 1933, 1948