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CRA365 -- Balbina Ybarra Tomsic Papers Photographs
Calumet Regional Archives
Box File Description
1 2 Photographs, (8), Balbina Ybarra Tomsic, n.d.
3 Photograph, (1), Balbina and brother Roque Jr. Ybarra, n.d.
4 Photograph, (1), Balbina, Roque Jr., and Mother Sebastiana, n.d.
5 Photograph, (1), Balbina and Francisco, n.d.
6 Photograph, (1), Sebastiana and Balbina Ybarra with Maria and Rosa Flores, n.d.
7 Photograph, (1), Balbina, Queen from Chicago, and Duchess, n.d.
8 Photograph, (1), Roque Jr. and Friend, n.d.
9 Photograph, (1), "Partying on Pennsy," Basement Hall, 3450 Pennsylvania, East Chicago, n.d.
10 Photograph, (1), Mrs. Manta, Bal Tomsic, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Jurasz, n.d.
11 Photograph, (1), Jose Flores, n.d.
12 Photograph, (1), Second and Third Generation of Ybarra Family, n.d.
13 Photograph, (1), War Band San Luis, Potosi, Mexico, 1953
14 Photograph, (1), Balbina, Sebastiana, Friend Isabela, and Attorney Robert Estill, Fiestas Patrias, 1953
1 15 Photographs, (6), Mexican Independence Day Parade, with Queen Balbina Ybarra, 1953
16 Photograph, (1), Fourth Generation Ybarra-Roque Christopher, Benjamin, and April Marie, n.d.
17 Photograph, (1), Balbina Tomsic, Y Francisco Soto Alcazar, Mexico City, n.d.
18 Photograph, (1), Balbina Ybarra Tomsic and Sebastiana (Tita) Ybarra, n.d.
19 Photograph, (1), Jose L. Martinez, Maria Elena Bautista, and Balbina Tomsic, n.d.
20 Photograph, (1), Mr. and Mrs. John Manta, Jr., Tony Zaleski, and Balbina Ybarra Tomsic, n.d.
21 Photograph, (1), Antonia Zepeda, Balbina, and Roque, Jr., n.d.
22 Photograph, (1), Sebastiana Ybarra, n.d.
23 Photographs, (2), Belia Flores Ybarra and Mary Hernandez, 1958, n.d.
24 Photograph, (1), Sebastiana Ybarra, Enrique Zepeda, Balbina, and Roque Ybarra, Jr., n.d.
25 Photograph, (1), Sebastiana Ybarra, Balbina Ybarra, Queen, and Princess of Chicago Necaxa, n.d.
26 Photograph, (1), Michael Castillo, Jr., Roque Ybarra, Jr., and Friend, n.d.

Photograph, (1), Enrique Zepeda Funeral, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, East Chicago, n.d.