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CRA299 -- Jerome Reppa Papers Photographs
Calumet Regional Archives
Box File Description
4 7 Photograph, (1), Jerome Reppa, ca. 1975
8 Photograph, (1), Jerome Reppa, Otis Bowen, and Ray Madden, 1976
9 Photograph, (1), Jerome Reppa and Peter J. Visclosky, 1985
10 Photograph, (1), Jerome and Pat Reppa and Elwood and Esther Fifield, n.d.
11 Photograph, (1), Jerome Reppa and Otis Bowen, n.d.
12 Photograph, (1), Jerome Reppa, Otis Bowen, and Elwood Fifield, n.d.
13 Photograph, (1), Jerome Reppa, Robert Orr, n.d.
14 Photographs, (4), Jerome Reppa, no i.d., n.d.