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CRA166 -- Mildred Pilot Papers Photographs
Calumet Regional Archives
Series: Photographs
Box Description
29 Photographs, (9), Mildred Pilot, 1972, 1979, n.d.
Photographs (1), Millie Pilot receives Edgar L. Mills Award, 1982
Photograph, (1), Millie Pilot receives the Sagamore of the Wabash, 1985
Photographs, (2), Sen. Rudolph Clay and Millie Pilot, n.d.
Photographs, (2), Sen. Vance Hartke; w/Millie Pilot, n.d.
Photograph, (1), Lake County Community Development Committee, 1974
Photograph, (1), Teenage Safety Conference, 1959
Photograph, (1), Hammond Safety Council, n.d.
Photographs, (16), League of Women Voters Rally, Hammond,1955
Photographs, (30), League of Women Voters Convention, Hammond, 1967
Photograph, (1), Conference on Indiana Courts, 1970
Photographs, (3), Sen. Birch Bayh, 1970, 1980
Photograph, (1), Governor Otis Bowen, n.d.
Photograph, (1), Lake County AFL-CIO, (?), n.d.