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CRA048 -- The Hobart Collection Photographs
Calumet Regional Archives
Box Folder Description
1 44 Photographs, (3), Hobart Tornado, 1977
45 Photographs, (22), Warren McAfee Activities,1942-43
48 Photograph, (1), Hobart Mayor Lilburn, nd
49 Photographs, (4), Oolah Evans, Hobart Clerk-Treasurer, nd

Photograph, (1), Hobart Police Chief Frank, nd

51 Photograph, (1), Harry Garling, Hobart Fireman, and Chamber of Commerce Community Calendar, nd
52 Photograph, (1), Hobart ROTC, nd
53 Photographs, (2), Elmer Budlove w/Hobart ROTC, nd
54 Photograph, (1), Dorothy Ballantyne, Hobart Historical Society, nd
55 Photograph, (1), Hobart Cookbook, nd
56 Photographs, (2), Hobart Reaches Band, nd
57 Photograph, (1), Uruguayan Student, Hobart, nd
On shelf   Glass plate negatives, (15), Hobart scenes, ca. 1930s (shelved next to collection).