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Indiana University Northwest

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Anthropology Club

The goal of the IU Northwest Anthropology Club is to create a meaningful, fun, and well-rounded forum to explore what anthropology is all about. We sponsor speakers, field trips, interactive group events, and other opportunities that broaden students' perspectives and present a holistic pproach to the stidy of anthropology. Using this four subfield approach, including the rising field of Applied Anthropology, we investigate many different aspects of the study of human beings and enhance the opportunity for the student to discover his or her own niche in anthropology.

Open to anyone, not just anthropology students, the IU Northwest Anthropology Club is one of the most active clubs on campus. Recent guest lectures have included forensic anthropology, archaeology of the Native American fortress towns of Alabama, ethnography of Plains Apaches, and shamans and native medicines of various parts of the world. The Spring 2006 Darwin Day event was highly successful, drawing almost three hundred attendees to witness the debate about whether intelligent design is a scientific theory. The club sponsors these and many other activities through its semiannual one dollar used book sale. The club grants scholarships and field school awards to students totalling several thousand dollars every year, and donates items to the university such as maps for classrooms, tape recorders for student projects, and fossil specimens for the Anthropology Resource Center.

Upcoming Events

Please see our events page for all upcoming events and details.

The Anthropology Program page has a lot of great information for anyone interested in learning more about anthropology and the IU Northwest Anthropology program.

Contact Information

Bob Mucci
Anthropology Department
Lindenwood 231

Kristie Gilmore
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Lindenwood 214
Fax: 219-980-6972