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iun women and gender studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology with a concentration in Women's and Gender Studies provides a solid background in sociology along with a focus on and experiences in the sociology of women and women's issues.

Requirements - (30 cr.)

  • SOC S161
  • SOC S215
  • SOC S230
  • SOC S261
  • Select one Methods course from the following
    • SOC-S 262
    • SOC-S 254
  • Select one Deviance / Inequality course from the following
    • SOC-S 337 Women and Crime
    • SOC-S 420 Topics in Deviance (when topic is women, such as Women and Deviance)
  • Select one Organization course from the following
    • SOC-S 310 Sociology of Women in America
    • SOC-S 410 Topics in Social Organization (when topic is women, such as Women and Religion)
  • Select one Theory course from the following
    • SOC-S 340
    • SOC-S 441 Topics in Theory, Anthropology
  • Select elective courses in areas of sociology / anthropology / Women's and Gender Studies
    • Select two appropriate additional courses at the 300-400 level from the following
      • SOC S337
      • SOC S420
      • SOC S310
      • SOC S410
      • and / or any of S495 Individual Readings and Research when topic is women
      • S398 Internship in Behavioral Sciences, when agency serves women, such as battered women's shelters, women's transitional houses, etc.
      • S362 Native American Women

Total (30 cr.)

Outside Electives

  • WGS-W 200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
  • Select one WGS-W 400 course such as
    • PSY-P 460 / WGS-W 400 Psychology of Women
    • PSY-P 432 / WGS-W 400 Women and Madness
    • Appropriate cross-listed courses from other disciplines

Total (30 cr.)

In addition to the preceding courses, the student is responsible for fulfilling the general requirements of the B.A. degree as established by the College of Arts and Sciences.

For more informatin visit the Women's and Gender Studies page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.