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Call to Active Duty and Deployment

Upon notification of an upcoming deployment, contact the IU Northwest Office of Veterans Affairs Services immediately. If you need to withdraw from classes, bring a copy of your orders to the IU Northwest Office of Veterans Affairs Services to complete a military withdrawal from some or all courses.  The Office of the Registrar's web page has the official university policy regarding students that are called to active duty.

If you notify the IU Northwest Office of Veterans Affairs Services that you are withdrawing due to military orders, or if we process a military withdrawal on your behalf, we will notify Veterans Affairs that there are mitigating circumstances surrounding the reduction or termination of your benefits. Their policy is to stop payment effective the date of your drop or withdrawal, but they do not typically require repayment of benefits already disbursed for that semester. Veterans Affairs usually restores any entitlement charged for the semester you are unable to complete due to military duty.

Some students elect to take courses while deployed. The IU Northwest Office of Veterans Affairs Services recommends you check with your academic advisor in advance to determine whether your degree program will accept independent study courses.

Your options for completing any remaining coursework vary greatly depending on your individual situation, timing, and remaining requirements. Some students are able to negotiate the completion of all course requirements with their instructors despite their absence. Others may be offered incompletes that must be finished within one calendar year of the end of the term of enrollment. In other cases, it may be in your best interest to withdraw from the course. Your first step should always be to discuss your situation with your faculty instructor, followed by a visit to the IU Northwest Office of Veterans Affairs Services for further assistance.

Return from Deployment

Procedures for reinstating your student status will vary depending on your academic school and program. Students should contact the Recorder’s Office of their particular school or division. Once you have contacted your academic division and have been advised by your academic counselor, please contact Information Technology to set up your username and passphrase.

After registering for classes, contact the IU Northwest Office of Veterans Affairs Services to request your enrollment be reported to Veterans Affairs for benefits.

You will need to forward a copy of any new DD 214 discharge documents to Veterans Affairs for evaluation. This may change which program you are eligible for or your tier of benefits. We can assist you with this process.