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RedHawk Print FAQs

RedHawk Print FAQs

What is RedHawk Print?

RedHawk Print is an IU Northwest student print management initiative that uses a web application called GoPrint to help students track and manage their printing on campus. Students can send one or more jobs to a printer, decide which ones to print, check their print allotment balance, or add to it if necessary.

When did RedHawk Print begin?

RedHawk Print began February 1, 2011 and ran in virtual tracking mode until August 21, 2011. In virtual tracking mode, students were not charged for printing beyond their print allotment.

How will RedHawk Print change in the Fall 2011 semester?

Starting on August 22, 2011, virtual mode concluded, and RedHawk Print went into full service with a new look, increased allotments, and two ways to purchase additional pages beyond your allotment. Only when you want to print beyond your allocation will you need to purchase an increase to your allotment. Whether printing from your allocation or buying additional pages, the price per page is the same: Single-sided = $.05/page. Double-sided = $.04 per side. Color = $.25/page.

Why are we implementing RedHawk Print?

Just like the student print management programs on all other IU campuses, RedHawk Print allows students to meet academic printing needs while encouraging better printing habits. We all understand the need to be environmentally sensitive, and one way to participate is to better manage print jobs. In the Fall 2010 Semester, student printing at IU Northwest used over 4000 reams which equates to 245 trees worth of paper, much of which ended up in the trash, unused. From February through June, students used RedHawk Print to not print over 300,000 pages—that’s over 550 reams of paper saved and about $15,000 that can be used to fund other IT resources for students.

How does RedHawk Print work?

When you print, the easy-to-use GoPrint dialog boxes let you send multiple documents to a print queue (list). Next, you review your print queue to see how much of your allocation each job will cost and decide which documents you want to print. Finally, you cancel any unwanted jobs or let them expire. (Print jobs are automatically removed from your print queue after 4 hours.) If you have any questions, ask the on-duty Consultant in the STCs or the Library Information Commons.

What is my print allocation and how does it work?

Your allocation is the equivalent of 650 single-sided, black and white pages per semester (summer I & II count as one semester). Since the cost of a page changes depending on the options you select, the GoPrint software shows your allocation as a “purse” (rather than pages) with a balance of $32.50. Only the pages you actually decide to print will be deducted from your “purse”: $.05 for single-sided pages; $.04 per side for double-sided (duplex) pages; and $.25 for color (single-sided only and not available in all locations). Over allocation pages can be purchased at the same rates and will show as a separate “purse” in GoPrint.

If I use all of my allotment before the end of the semester, how do I print more pages?

If you run out of money in your allotment purse, there are two ways to buy more pages. Use the Cash Station located in the Library first floor Information Commons. Or, use a credit card with the online RedHawk Print Credit Card Purchase form.  Value you add this way shows as a separate “purse” in GoPrint. The Cash Station increases your Paid pages purse immediately. When you buy additional pages with a credit card, there is a delay of up to 3 business days before the increase is available so you can continue to print. If you need to print immediately, be sure to use the Cash Station.

What if I have pages left at the end of the semester?

At the end of the fall and spring semesters, your unused allotment balance rolls over to the next semester and is added to the new semester’s allocation. However, your student allotment is only accessible if you are enrolled in the current semester. Summer I & II count as one semester. The cycle starts over each fall semester with a new $32.50 balance. Your paid pages purse remains as long as you stay with the University. We recommend you don't carry more than a $5.00 balance in your paid pages purse. No refunds will be given for balances in the GoPrint system when a student separates from the University.

Where does the money in the RedHawk Print Management system come from?

As on other IU campuses, your printing allocation is fully funded from the Technology fee you paid when you registered for classes. It is not a new or additional fee. Only when you want to print beyond your allocation will you need to purchase an increase to your allotment using the cash machine located in Library first floor Information Commons or using the RedHawk Print Credit Card Purchase form for credit card purchases.

How do I login to GoPrint?

Use the IU Network ID (username and passphrase) that you use to login on campus computers or access your e-mail or Oncourse account.

What kinds of printing are available?

Three. Simplex (1-sided) pages are 5 cents per page. Duplex (2-sided) printing is 4 cents per side. Color printing is 25 cents per page (only 1-sided color printing is available and not in all locations). So duplexing can stretch your printing allotment. All black and white printers in student print areas are capable of duplex printing, but the default is to print 1-sided. This pricing allows you to print more information and conserve paper if you use duplex printing. Talk to the Consultant on duty if you don’t know how to choose duplex printing when you send a job to the printer.

How can I print in color?

The process to print in color is the same as regular printing. Please select Printer 4 for all color print jobs in Marram 103, Printer 4 for color print jobs in the Library first floor Information Commons and Printer Printer 5 on the second floor. Keep in mind, however, that color print jobs cost 25 cents per page even if you only print black text, and no duplex printing is available in color. If you need assistance locating or selecting a color printer, please see the Consultant on duty. Color printing is not available using Printer Finder and your personal computer. 

What if the document I print comes out faded, scrunched or otherwise unusable?

In general you can have funds credited back to your RedHawk Print account for small amounts of unusable printouts. Please immediately notify the STC Consultant on duty about the printer causing the problem and then fill out the Redhawk Print Reimbursement Form. Your account will be reimbursed within three business days. In rare instances, larger reimbursements may be processed but further information will be requested.

Remember you are responsible for:

Checking on and picking up your printouts once they are released. Please check the printer as soon as you release the job to verify that the quality of the printout is acceptable and so someone else does not take your printout.

What tips do you have for students to help reduce paper usage?

Print only what you truly need to print. Use online documents whenever possible.

  • Avoid printing email. Save it to a file instead.
  • Avoid printing from the web. Store it offline or save it to a file.
  • When you do print from a web page, select the portion of the page you need to print and only print the selected data rather than the whole web page.
  • Edit draft copies online instead of on paper.
  • Preview documents to catch errors before printing.
  • Use duplex printing whenever possible. Single-sided = $.05/page. Double-sided = $.04 per side.
  • When printing slides provided by faculty, try printing 2, 3, 4, or 6 on a page rather than just one per page.
  • Ask if assignments can be submitted electronically via Oncourse or email.
  • Keep your documents in Oncourse Resources. They are always as close as the nearest networked computer.
  • Use print preview when formatting instead of printing draft copies. It saves time and effort.

If you have additional questions about using RedHawk Print, ask the nearby STC Consultant or contact the IT Support Center: Visit HH108; Call 219-981-4357 (H-E-L-P). Email:

How do I use the Cash Station to buy additional pages?

The RedHawk Print Cash Station is located in the first floor Library Information Commons (Library open hours). Pages you buy using the Cash Station are immediately available for you to use with any campus RedHawk Print printer. Pages you buy online using a credit card may take up to 3 days before they are available. See the Consultant on duty if you have questions.
How the Cash Station works:

  • Use the keyboard to enter your university username and passphrase (what you use to access your email account or Oncourse).
  • The machine accepts $1, $5, $10 or $20 bills. No coin. No credit cards.
  • Insert the bill that matches the number of pages you want to purchase. 
    $1 = 20 pages. $5 = 100 pages. $10 = 200 pages. $20 = 400 pages.
  • The machine does not issue change. You cannot insert a $5 bill and request $4 back.
  • Insert the bill face up. Does not matter which direction, it just has to be face up.
  • There is a pause at this point, in case you want to insert more bills.
  • You can press the “D” key to indicate you are done or just wait 3-4 seconds.
  • After the pause, a receipt will start printing. Pull it down to ensure you tear off the entire receipt.
  • Your receipt will show the date, time, transaction number, your previous balance, amount you just added and your new balance. It will not print your name or username.
  • Please retain the receipt for your records.

How do I use a credit card to buy additional pages?

You can access the RedHawk Print Credit Card Purchase form from any computer that with an Internet connection to purchase additional prints with your credit card. You will be prompted to enter your name and your IU username. This system accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. You may choose to purchase $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 of additional printing. After you click Continue, you will be prompted for your credit card information. Please note that it may take up to 3 business days for the credit to appear in your RedHawk Print account.