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iun technology

IU Mobile Printing allows you to upload documents to our print queues from home or on campus. You no longer need to use our computers just to print. You can print from cell phones, tablets, and laptops (wireless or cabled) by either attaching a document to an email message or use mobile print web release. Then, you can log into any release station and print them out. Documents sent to our printer queues can park there for up to four hours, so no rushing to print.

The mobile site gives you your total balance and lets you know how much your print is going to cost before you print it.

My Print Center

Allows you to upload documents, select duplex, color, and copies.

  • Visit
    • UPLOAD your documents from your mobile device
    • Select PRINT OPTIONS for duplex, color, etc.
    • SWIPE your RedHawk card any IU Print printer to release your document 

If you do not have your RedHawk card, you can release your document directly from your device by choosing a printer. Printer names are located on each IU Print printer.  

*My print center is not compatible with iPhone & iPads.

Email Attachments

Allows you to attach documents to an email and release them at any printer.

  • Using your IU email account, start a new message
    • To print in black & white, send your document(s) to
    • To print in color, send your document(s) to

Attach the file you wish to print, and email it. You will receive email confirmation when the job is submitted and ready for release at a print release station. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the document.

You cannot print web pages directly to the mobile print service, but must first save the web page as a PDF, and then attach it.

The mobile print service does not currently support duplex printing.