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IU Print FAQs

IU Print FAQs

What is IU Print?  

IU Print is a global print environment implemented on all IU campuses. At Indiana University, student printing is funded through the Student Technology Fee, historically enabling more than 85% of students to print at no additional cost. Registered students and faculty are automatically able to use print services at any campus.

How does IU Print Work in the STCs and at the Hawthorn Kiosks?  

You simply select the document you would like to print and press print in the application. You can send multiple documents to the print queue.

  • Log into any RELEASE STATION, using your IU credential.
  • Select the print jobs you would like to print, and press PRINT.
  • Finally, cancel any unwanted jobs or let them expire.

Print jobs are automatically removed from your print queue after 4 hours. If you have any questions, ask the on-duty Consultant in the STCs or the Library Information Commons.

How does IU Print Work in the Classrooms?  

The classroom PCs are not set to print to the Release Stations, but print to the IU Print printer located in the classroom.  After you  submit your print job a “pop-up” window opens which allows you to verify that you do want to submit the job to the printer.

What is a Release Station?  

A Release Station is a printing center where you can log in and print the documents you have sent to the print queue. We have multiple Release Stations located on the Northwest Campus. We also have two different types of Release Stations: Black and White printing and Color printing.

IU Print Locations

Color Printers

  • Library 1st floor
  • Marram STC

Black and White Printers

  • Hawthorn Hall Kiosks
  • Library 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors
  • Marram STC

PC Classrooms

IU Northwest PC classrooms do not utilize release stations, classrooms utilize IU Print popup.

What is the cost of printing?  
Type of Print IUN
B & W printing (simplex, 8.5x11)
B & W printing (duplex, 8.5x111)
Business Color (simplex, 8.5x11) 0.25
What is my print allotment for IU Print?  

Student Credits

Undergraduates: 2.70*

Graduates : 2.70*

Admitted, not yet enrolled: 2.70

*Allotments granted per enrolled credit hour; maximum allotment is 32.50.

Faculty and Staff Credits

Faculty: 10.00

Staff: 10.00

How do I check my IU Print allotment?  

Check your allotment for balance, recent account activity, and other details.

Check your printing allotment

How do I purchase additional allotments?  

Supplemental printing allotments can be purchased by anyone with a valid IU username if:

  • You have exceeded your allotment and need to add funds to continue to print.
  • Faculty or staff wishing to print departmental work to STC or classroom printers.

Supplemental allotments are available to purchase in increments of 5.00 print credits. Unused purchased balances are carried over into upcoming semesters.

Departments can request to purchase additional allotments.

Individuals can purchase supplemental allotments for themselves at IU Print QuikPay.

Supplemental allotments are available for purchase in increments of $5.00.

Please note credit card purchases take 2 to 3 days to process.

Do my funds transfer from my Redhawk GoPrint account to the new IU Print account?  

Cash and credit card purchases in your GoPrint purse were  transferred to your IU Print account. Effective immediately, there are no more cash purchases available for IU Print, and all credit card purchases made through the IU Print QuikPay site will be credited to your IU Print account.

Can I rollover unused prints from one semester to the next?  
For Spring 2015 semester, IU Northwest students will recieve an additional $15.00 (rollover) allotment. In future semesters, unused allotments will rollover up to a maximum of $15.00. Rollovers from previous semesters do not carry forward to the fall semester.
How do I use Mobile Printing?  

You can print from cell phones, tablets, and laptops (wireless or cabled) by attaching a document to an email message and sending it to a designated print queue address. Then, from any IU Print Release Station, release and print the document.

For more information please see the KB article:

What kinds of printing are available at the NW Campus?  
  • Simplex (1-sided) pages are 5 cents per page.
  • Duplex (2-sided) printing is 4 cents per side.
  • Color printing is 25 cents per page (only 1-sided color printing is available and not in all locations).

So duplexing can stretch your printing allotment. All black and white release stations are capable of duplex printing, but the default is to print 1-sided. This pricing allows you to print more information and conserve paper if you use duplex printing. Talk to the Consultant on duty if you don’t know which release station to print from.