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iun technology
  • IU Print is a global print environment implemented across all campuses. IU Print allows you to print to  global black-and-white and color print queues from your university owned computer (desktop and laptop).  The Ricoh MFPs have a built in release station that you can access by swiping your Crimson card or logging in using your IU Credentials.

  • From your computer, select NW_ORG_BW_Printers in your print options. Once your print job is added to one of the print queues, you can go to any of several “office staff” MFPs, swipe your Crimson Card or tap the screen to release your print job. Select the document you would like to print and press print in the application. You can send multiple documents to the print queue. Cancel any unwanted jobs or let them expire.

  • Print jobs sent to the printers will not print instantly and will remain in the print queue for up to four hours for you to pick it up. Print jobs are automatically removed from your print queue after 4 hours.

  • Please email or call our Northwest Support Center 219-981-4357.

  • By tapping the login screen you will be prompted to enter your username and passphrase to access the printer, copier, and scanner.
  • By tapping the login screen and using the group account’s username and passphrase you can release your print. Please make sure your department has included this account in its list of billable accounts.

  • For a document sent from your computer, you must make changes prior to selecting PRINT: double-sided, copies, collating, etc.  You can delete a document from the printer, ensuring your department will not be charged. Documents that sit in the print queue for more than 4 hours will be deleted with no charge. 

  • B&W simplex            0.03

    B&W duplex             0.06

    Color simplex           0.25

    Color duplex             0.50

    Scanning is free. 

  • Every department has provided a list of employees and what billing code to charge their prints against. This will be maintained by UITS with notices of employees leaving or joining the university.
  • At this time there is a one-to-one relationship between usernames, Crimson Cards, and billing accounts. Individuals who belong to multiple departments will need to track prints based on accounts. Watch for further instructions at a later time. 

  • Currently the two printing systems are running separately, but prints sent to the NW_ORG_Printers print queue from employee computers, and picked up at a Ricoh MFP, will be charged back to the department billing code on file. Prints sent from the public/student computers, and picked up in a student print location, will charge the student printing allotment.

  • In Windows 10: Click the Windows icon and start typing Devices and Printers.  Select Devices and Printers from control panel. Find the NW_ORG_BW_Printers option and right-click it, then choose ‘Set as default printer.’ 

    In Windows 7: Click the Start button and then, on the Start menu, click Devices and Printers. Find the NW_ORG_BW_Printers option and right-click it, then choose Set as default printer.

  • We have been told that the ‘Glossy Photo’ setting is the best, and can be changed by clicking on the ‘Photo’ or ‘Text/Photo’ button on the main copy screen.
  • Critical data should not be scanned and emailed. 

  • Swipe your Crimson Card again, select logout button in the bottom right corner, or the system will automatically log you out after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • Each Ricoh unit has a designated Key operator similar to the previous unit. If unit is not working, please contact the key operator and release your prints from another “office staff” Ricoh. 

  • Ricoh has an integrated Simple Screen mode that will enlarge the icons and remove options. Simply click the Simple Screen button to the right of the interface screen to get it back to normal.