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iun technology

Sending a Fax

Two methods are available to send a fax from IU Northwest:

  • Via email using the IU Fax Service.
  • Via a fax machine physically located on the IU Northwest campus.
    (Starting February 6, 2014, authorization codes will no longer be required except for international numbers.)

To send a fax from an on-campus fax machine:

  • To a local fax machine on campus, dial the 4-digit extension.
  • To fax machines with domestic (US) numbers, dial 9 + 1 and then the 10-digit number, e.g., 219-XXX-XXXX or 812-XXX_XXX
  • To fax machines with an international number,
    • Dial 9 to access an outside line.
    • Dial 011 to access international service.
    • Dial the country code.
    • Dial the phone number.
    • Enter three fax machine “pause” keyboard entries or listen for a "stutter" dial tone (two short tones followed by a long tone).
    • Dial your authorization code.
    • Press "Start" and wait for your call to connect, e.g., 9-1-212-555-1212,,,1234567 (commas represent fax machine pauses)

If you have questions, please contact the UITS Northwest Support Center.