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UITS-NW Telecommunications and Networking is a local campus resource providing voice and data services in partnership with central University Information Technology Services (UITS) and leading technology suppliers. 

Voice and data service requests such as adds, moves, changes, repairs, and consulting should be directed to the UITS-NW Support Center.

UniCom at IU Northwest

UniCom is Indiana University's term for Unified Communications, a service that brings voice, video, and data together in a unified desktop communication system, providing instant messaging (IM), telephony, email, desktop sharing, and audio/video conferencing.

UniCom is built using the lastest version of Microsoft's Lync and Polycom CX 600 phones in most office environments. IU Northwest migrated to UniCom during the first half of 2012.

How do I listen to my voice mail from off-campus?

The phone number for Voice Mail at IU Northwest is (219) 980-7271. When the system asks you to enter your "extension", enter all 10-digits of your office phone: 219-980-XXXX or 219-981-XXXX followed by the # sign.

How do I make a phone call?

From your on-campus phone, to call:

  • another campus extension, dial the 4-digit extension.
  • another campus, dial the 10-digit number, e.g., 812-XXX_XXXX. Do not dial 1 or 9 before the number. 
  • any off-campus local number, dial the full 10-digit number, e.g., 219-XXX_XXXX. Do not dial 9 before the number. 
  • any off-campus domestic (US) long distance number, dial the 10-digit number including the area code. 
  • an international number, dial 011 plus the international country code, then the number. Do not dial 1 or 9 before starting. When you hear a second dial tone, enter your authorization code.

For more details on placing calls using UniCom, see the Knowledge Base article: Using UniCom, how do I make a phone call?

How do I send a fax?