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Long Distance Authorization Code FAQs

  1. What telephone services require authorization codes?

    All international, directory assistance (e.g.,1411), and operator service calls require authorization codes.

    Campus 4-digit extensions, local and domestic (US) long distance calls from campus UniCom (Lync) telephones DO NOT require authorization codes. These calls only require the full 10-digit phone number (XXX-XXX-XXXX). Fax calls do not require authorization codes, but you must dial 9 + 1 before the full 10-digit number. However, UITS will continue to track billing call data, including originating number, destination number, time and length.

  2. Why are authorization codes necessary?

    Telephone authorization codes help control and assess chargeable calling. 

  3. How do I place a personal call with a telephone authorization code?

    As per university policy, IU phones and fax machines should be used only for university business. Due to the tax-exempt status of Indiana University, personal calls cannot be charged to to the University. To place a personal calls that would require the use of an authorization code, please use your own personal mobile equipment.

  4. Whom should I contact for IUN telephone authorization code changes?

    The UITS Northwest Support Center (981-H-E-L-P or 981-4357) documents and dispatches requests for technology assistance, including UniCom services. Help desk authorization code documentation assures accuracy, security, and prompt attention.

  5. When should I enter my IUN telephone authorization code?

    After dialing a number that requires an authorization code, you will hear a slight interruption and then a second dial tone. As soon as you hear the second dial tone, start entering your confidential seven-digit code. Failing to enter an authorized seven digit code during the second dial tone triggers a disconnect message.

  6. Will my IUN telephone authorization code work at other IU campuses?

    Yes. Your IU Northwest telephone authorization will work on all other IU campuses.

  7. Will my telephone authorization code work on campus telephones outside my office?

    You may use your authorization code on any campus UniCom office phone. Wall-mounted campus phones near exits and stair wells are only for on campus extensions and emergencies. Just dial the 4-digit extension or the LOCAL 10-digit number. All other calls require an authorization code.

  8. Are telephone authorization codes assigned to extensions or individuals?

    Telephone authorization codes are assigned to individuals. IUN account managers determine staff assignments and department policy as to who may be assigned an authorization code. Telephone authorization codes may not be shared.