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Explore Information Technology Resources at IU Northwest

Technology is a big part of your student's education. We offer a full range of information technology services to support students both on and off campus. Students have easy access to the latest software and equipment not just while on campus, they also have access to great technology resources to use at home at little to no cost.

To see just how much is available and how much you can save, explore the following resources with him or her BEFORE making any personal purchases:


Get Great Technology and Save Money

Links to more information

Vendor Deals

  • Computer Guide: Deals by vendor, recommendations, and common questions.
  • Buy the right thing at the right price.


  • Microsoft Office and Adobe products and more are available as FREE downloads to all current IU students.
  • Do NOT purchase software (except for the operating system) from vendor sites or with a new computer until you check IUware.
(Some software can be purchased
in the campus bookstore on DVD
for a very nominal fee)


  • Run many IU-licensed software applications without installing them on your computer or mobile device.
  • Run Microsoft Office for Windows on your iPad.
  • Small laptops or older computers can do more.


  • Print at several locations on campus.
  • Print wirelessly from your own laptop.
  • Equivalent of 650 single-sided pages.

Box at IU

  • 50 GB of safe, secure FREE cloud storage.
  • Accessible from anywhere on any device.
  • Directly integrates with existing IU systems.
  • No need to buy or carry flash drives.

IT Training

  • Special 24/7 FREE access for current students to 1000+ professional online training videos.
  • Supplement or expand technology skills and earn certificates.
  • Download IU software step-by-step workshop materials at no cost for self-study or attend live, instructor-led online sessions.

IU Mobile

  • Access a wide range of IU services on your mobile device.
  • Class schedules, email, library, class cancellations, calendar, even find open seats in computer labs and more...


  • Windows and Macintosh computers
  • Up-to-date hardware - even touch-screens
  • Latest software.
  • Ready-to-Help Technology Consultants on duty.
  • Comfortable spaces and furniture.
  • Collaboration areas, quiet labs, multi-media equipment and adaptive technology.
  • Open 8 am – 8:30 pm (till 5 pm on Fridays) plus weekend hours.

Get Connected & IU Secure
Wireless Network

  • Fast, safe, secure wireless network.
  • Available campus-wide.
  • Easily use your own laptop or other mobile devices.