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Accessory Options for Faculty/Staff Computers

Accessories are available for your university-owned computer, but your department must authorize and agree to pay for them. Our Microcomputer Support Team (MCST) technicians will be happy to review and recomend accessory options as well as provide the correct part numbers and vendors to ensure you get the right parts for your system. Just let the Support Center know which computer you have so the appropriate technician can contact you. 

Below are some of the more commonly ordered accessories. Costs are only approximate and may/will fluctuate. 


  • If you selected a Lenovo laptop and want to add a dual screen monitor to use while working in your office, you will need two (2) 23" Thinkvision monitors, one (1) Dock Plus, two (2) Display Port Cables, and either a wired or wireless mouse/keyboard setup. 
  • If you selected a Lenovo desktop and want to add a second monitor, you will need one (1) 23" Thinkvision monitor and one (1) Display Port Cable. 

Sample prices (approximate only)

  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: $43
  • Lenovo Wired Mouse: $12.54
  • Lenovo Wired Pro Keyboard: $24.39
  • Thinkvision 23" Monitor: $230.74
  • Display Port Cable: $10
  • Dock Plus: $197.70
  • For T4xxS Lenovo laptops Advanced UltrabayII 3 cell battery (replaces CD/DVD drive on Lenovo T4xxS laptops): $100.58