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iun technology

Indiana University has an official YouTube channel, IUNorthwestTube. It can easily be accessed via the IU Northwest homepage by clicking the YouTube logo link in the bottom left corner of the page. The channel address is

There are many benefits when you host videos on YouTube. Videos can be played back on any smartphone, tablet, or computer regardless of the operating system. They are searchable and easy to access.  However, our channel cannot host copyrighted material, such as, a full movie for a film class. There is also a 15 minute length limitation on YouTube videos.

If you would like the Official IU Northwest YouTube to host your video, we can upload your content for you. A video on the official channel must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Academic Programs (spotlights on a nursing lab, or School of Business trading floor, for example)
  • Campus Events (highlights of your event like Asia Day, Science Olympiad, or an awards ceremony)
  • Tutorials and Training (How-to videos on technology, procedures, or anything else)
  • IU Northwest General (general information for anybody, such as, IU policy or services for everyone, such as, the Redhawk Shuttle)

Please contact the IT Support Center to place a request or consultation to host your YouTube videos. We can also produce video projects for YouTube. To make a media production request, please fill out a Media Production Request form.