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Classroom Capture & Recording

What is “classroom capture”?

“Classroom capture” is the recording (capturing) of audio and video that is presented within the classroom during a class session.

Is classroom capture available in all classrooms?

Yes.  To request Echo360 Classroom or Personal Capture, please visit and fill out the appropriate form.

What can I do with classroom capture?

Once the capture/recording is complete, a digital file will be created. You will have access to this recording via a URL, which is a web address. To view the capture you put the URL into a web browser and view it within the browser. You can also give this URL to your students so that they may view the capture as well.

What should I do to find out if classroom capture is appropriate for me?

Contact the Support Center and request a consultation to discuss using classroom capture.

What about classroom recording with a more traditional video camera?

We offer video recording equipment that can be checked out through the Support Center. At this time we do not provide personnel to do the video recording of your class. We can provide assistance and training on how to use the video recording equipment. You can request training assistance when you put your order in to borrow the video recording equipment.