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iun study abroad


Students will register at IU Northwest for their courses and will receive IU credit for the courses taken in Bilbao. In addition to USAC fees, students will pay IU Northwest tuition for the 3-4 credit hours they will take abroad.

Student Health Insurance

USAC will enroll every student participating in the program in Cultural Insurance Services International ( C.I.S.I.)

Collection and Retention of Documents

IU Northwest will collect the initial application, $100 deposit, and transcripts. After that, USAC will handle everything else: program agreements, medical releases, emergency contacts, etc.

Program policies, including withdrawal and refund policies

USAC has an established set of policies regarding student conduct, withdrawal and refund policies and student obligations.


  • The program applications, complete with $100 deposit and official transcripts, will be collected by IU Northwest and forwarded to the USAC office before the established deadline. 
  • USAC will then return the acceptance packets directly to the students. 
  • Disciplinary checks are the responsibility of Indiana University prior to departure for Spain.


  • USAC will collect all USAC program fees directly from the students.
  • The students will pay the IU registration fee directly to IU Northwest.


Related Information

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