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Pre-departure orientation

One session conducted by Professor Mendieta at IU Northwest. It will be an introduction to the region (Basque Country/Spain), the culture in general, as well as to the specifics of the academic program.

On-site orientation

The onsite orientation carried out the USAC resident director addresses all different areas of students’ stay. At the end of the orientation students receive a booklet that covers the information covered during the presentation.

The content is as follows:

  1. USAC information: staff, hours, 
  2. Transportation; Communications; Mail; Computers and Internet resources; Money and banking; International ID card; Language exchange; Health and Medical Service; Sporting Facilities; Excursion Food
  3. Summer Program Calendar
  4. Culture shock
  5. Class Descriptions and Class Schedule
  6. Emergency Contact List
  7. Emergency Procedures
  8. Student personal data
  9. Registration form for the courses
  10. Presentation and open discussion about the Political Situation on the Basque Country.
  11. Tour of Bilbao

All this is complemented with encouragement to all students to drop by the USAC office with their particular concerns.  The orientation meeting is conducted by USAC resident director.