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iun student affairs

Our Mission

The mission of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM) at IU Northwest is to foster student success.

As an integral partner in fulfilling the academic mission of Indiana University Northwest, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management places students, student learning, and the development of the whole student first and foremost.  Among other things, we activate access for motivated students, set high expectations, encourage campus and community engagement, and present a necessary balance of challenge and support. Through our programs, services, and partnerships, we facilitate our students' transformation into resilient, resourceful, and successful IU Northwest alumni.

Our Core Values

  • Student Success
  • Community Engagement
  • Inclusiveness
  • Student-Centeredness
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration

Our Vision

Student Success – we will collaborate with our colleagues throughout campus to support and challenge students in a way that fosters persistence towards academic goals and engagement in lifelong learning.

Community Engagement – we will partner with students to actively embrace the concept of civic responsibility by providing opportunities for them to contribute their skills, talents, and experiences to improve the lives of those around them.

Inclusiveness – we will work to ensure that our campus is a welcoming environment for the many diverse populations of Northwest Indiana by promoting cultural competency and civility.

Student Centeredness – we will ensure that campus decisions and policies are made with considerable student input and that their success is our main priority.

Accountability – we will promote a culture of responsibility by holding ourselves and our professional colleagues accountable for excellent customer service and an exemplary student experience.

Collaboration – we will acknowledge the expertise of our professional colleagues across campus by creating meaningful partnerships to continuously improve the student experience and make maximal use of resources.

Our Goals

In support of the overall mission of Indiana University Northwest, we collaborate with our faculty and staff colleagues to:

  • strengthen and support student learning, both academic and co-curricular;
  • encourage student engagement with the campus and community by creating meaningful service opportunities
  • enroll, support, and appropriately challenge a diverse student body to assist with their intellectual and personal growth;
  • administer programming that is supported by student development theory, assessed for continuous improvement, and efficiently managed for the maximum benefit to students
  • facilitate student success with services that help students persist to graduation and attain their professional goals.