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iun student advising

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have many questions throughout your college career. Below are a few of the most common questions.

  • Once you’ve declared your major, you are assigned an academic advisor. To find your academic advisor, visit the link below. If you are still exploring majors, please contact the Student Advising Center at (219)-980-6804.

    Find Your Academic Advisor

  • How do I apply for tutoring services?

    • Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that offers peer assistance in historically challenging academic courses by scheduling twice-weekly study sessions.  Supplemental Instruction is offered to enrolled students at no cost. For further information, contact ASAP in Hawthorn 425 or call (219) 981-4296.
    • TRIO students interested in tutoring services can contact Student Support Services, Davetta Haywood at (219) 980-6942.  For more information, please visit the eligibility requirements page.

    Additional Resources

    Writing Center -Hawthorn Hall 418,  (219) 980-6502 

    Math Assistance Center - Hawthorn Hall 436, (219) 980-6979

    Modern Language Lab -Hawthorn Hall 464/469, (219) 980-6714 

    CIS Tutoring Lab -Hawthorn Hall 320, (219) 980-6638

    STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics) Tutoring - Marram Hall 103

  • What do I do if I am placed on probation?

    The ramifications of probation on a student's status at the University depends upon the academic unit in which the student is enrolled.  Students who are placed on probation should discuss it with their academic advisor as soon as possible to learn what they must do to continue with their desired academic program.

    For more information, please visit the following link to IUN’s probation and dismissal policy.

  • What do I do if I am dismissed from the university?

    Depending on the level of the academic dismissal, a student must attend a reinstatement workshop to be readmitted to the university for the following semester.

    For additional information and workshop date and times,  please contact the Student Advising Center at (219)-980-6804 or schedule an appointment.

    For more information , please visit IUN’s probation and dismissal policy.

  • How do I change my major or add a minor?

    To change/declare a major or minor, you will need to email the advisor and secretary (if applicable) assigned to your declared/intended major (Find Your Advisor Here). Once you’ve declared your major, you are assigned the academic advisor for your declared/intended major.

    If you are still exploring majors, please contact the Student Advising Center at 219-980-6804.

  • What if I am having difficulties in a class?

    There are many resources available to you as a student. If you are having issues in class reach out to your professor and schedule a meeting to address your concerns. You should also contact your academic advisor to discuss the situation so your academic advisor can refer you to the appropriate resources.

    IUN Learning Resources

  • I failed a course. What are my options?

    If you have failed or received an unsatisfactory grade in a course, you can retake the course at a later time. If you receive a satisfactory grade on your second attempt, you can request an Extended X for the first attempt, which would remove the first attempt from the calculation of your IU GPA.

    To request an Extended X, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Have taken both the initial course and the repeated course at an IU campus
    • Have received a grade lower than an "A" in the initial class
    • Have received a final grade in the repeated course
    • Be an undergraduate student

    Please note - a student can only utilize Extended X on up to 10 credit hours, so we encourage students to utilize this program wisely. You can learn more about the Extended X policy by following this link.

    If you meet the criteria, we encourage you to contact your college or department.

    Undergraduate Advising Contact List