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IUN Student Advising Center

Don't Cancel Class

The “Don’t Cancel Class” initiative is dedicated to providing instructors at IUN an easy, convenient, and beneficial way of utilizing classroom time with your students on days you may not be available. If you have to present at a conference, recuperate from an upcoming medical procedure, or even attend a distant cousin’s wedding, we encourage you… DON’T CANCEL CLASS!

Please access the links below to learn more about our participating campus partners and the available presentations for your students!

Presentation Request Forms and Available Presentation Topics

Faculty Advisors Portal

The new and improved IUN Advisors Portal is a one-stop shop of resources to better assist advisors at IUN in supporting their students. The portal now includes access to technology resources such as AdRx, IGPS, and our advising Point of Service survey.

We also have information related to the updated requirements for placement testing, the Extended X policy, and professional development information from NACADA.

Advisors Portal

If you have recommendations or suggestions for ways the advisor portal can be improved, or have any issues accessing the portal, please contact John Strickland at [[jzstrick]].