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Hiring A Student Worker-What You Should Know!!!

A. Introduction 

Student employment at Indiana University has three primary purposes:

(1)   to provide financial self-help so students may further their education;

(2) to provide work opportunities that enhance the educational program through the learning of skills, responsibilities, habits, attitudes, and self-development associated with labor;

(3) to increase interaction with faculty and the community so students may more readily adjust to university life.

B. Policy  

It is the policy of the university to employ students to the fullest extent possible utilizing the services of the campus office responsible for student employment. University departments are expected to follow this priority system when filling positions designated as student Hourly positions.

      Academic year

  • Regularly enrolled IU students who carry six (6) or more credit hours during the semester.  
  • Students carrying less than six (6) credit hours.


  • Indiana University students enrolled in at least one course during the summer, or who were regularly enrolled during the previous spring semester.  
  • New matriculants who have been admitted to Indiana University for the fall term.  
    • Stipends to students such as scholarships, fellowships, or assistantships will not constitute employment within the provisions of this policy.

C. Types of student employment  

  • Non-Work Study Employment: Non-work study, sometimes referred to as regular, part-time or student hourly employment, includes all on-campus student jobs other than those funded through the Federal Work-Study program.  
  • Non-work study and work-study positions are the same in terms of pay and job responsibilities. The difference between these two types of employment is how they are funded.  
  • Non-work study employment is funded 100 percent by the university.

D. Procedures to employ a student

Non-Work Study employment: Students and employers should contact the office on their campus responsible for student employment and follow their procedures. Please see the back section for all of the detailed forms to be completed for employment.

Forms to be completed for Human Resources to employ a student before they start working!!


Hourly & Work Study Employment

  • I-9 (Appendix A)- Employment Eligibility Verification Form
  • W-4 (Appendix B)- Personal Allowances Worksheet
  • WH-4 (Appendix C)- State of Indiana Withholding Form
  • Pay Advice (Appendix E - restricted) - Establish Initial Student Appointment
  • Personal Profile Form (ED) (Appendix F1) - Personal Profile Form
  • Effort and Time documentation ( to be completed)

Laboratory Assistant

Indiana University Northwest


Employment Action: (Semester Here)                                            Account Number: TBD

Faculty Name:  (Name of Student)                                                  School/Department: ODP

ID #:        555555555                                                                                           Date: May 11, 2009

This contract establishes that you will work as a (Worker’s title) for the (Department) beginning (Start date) and ending (end date).  The salary assigned to this appointment will be for 10 hours per week at $16.00 for 15 weeks totaling $2,400.00.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

  • (Duties listed here)
  • (Duties listed here)
  • (Duties listed here)
  • (Duties listed here)

Please sign and return the original to your department chair for signature to be forwarded to the Occupational Development Program as soon as possible.  Fall semester contracts are due by August 1, 2009.  Contracts received after the due date may result in a delay of salary payments.

You may retain a copy of this contract for your files.


Supervisor Signature                                                                          Student Signature                                               Date

Time and Effort Sheet


Name______________________________ Title/Position________________________________________________________

Instructions: Time and Effort Sheet documents all personnel costs to be reimbursed with the grant or claimed as matching funds.  ALL individuals whose time/salaries are being counted towards the grant shall complete this form for each pay period.  Record the number of hours spent on the grant tasks on the Time and Effort Sheet.  After both the individual and supervisor sign the form, file it with your grant records and then submit it with the reimbursement request.  Volunteers may also use a variation of this form.

Date (Weekly)






Research Project Name






Type of Activity you are doing

Administrative, Research, Meetings, Field Study, Referrals, Outreach, Teaching 







Description of work in detail












Hours Worked







I certify, under penalty of perjury that the above time record is correct, fair, and is based upon work performed and actual payment.


Signature of Employee________________________________                       Date_____________________

Signature of Supervisor:_________________________________                  Date_____________________