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iun sponsored research

The account (number) will expire on (date).  As of (date) there is a remaining balance of ($$$).  It is the responsibility of the Fiscal Officer(s) delegate to ensure that the financial status of this account is accurate.  Please review the checklist below and follow any necessary steps.

Prior to expiration:

  1. Ensure that expenses are properly recorded by object code and that they are allowable on this grant.
  2. Ensure that cost share expenses are in the cost share subaccount(s).
  3. Ensure that staff appointed to this account has a future effective dated HRMS E-Doc to reflect the new distribution, with effective date being day after account expire date
  4. Any additional work orders or requests that would create an encumbrance need to be prepared and recorded.  An encumbrance cannot be placed on the grant account after it has expired.  If you wish to create a purchase requisition, it must be received by Purchasing at least 45 days prior to account expiration.
  5. Ensure that all charges used to support this project are reflected on the account.  Any movement of charges to or from the account after the expiration date is a red flag to auditors.

After expiration and prior to final agency reporting:

  1. Ensure that all institutional contributions funds (matching , cost share, and in-kind) are properly documented and forward to Contracts and Grants.
  2. Move any overdrafts off the account to an unrestricted account.
  3. Most encumbrances will be cleared by the system when payments are made.  However, if the encumbrance remains outstanding, either it needs to be cleared of no further payment is expected, or it needs to be moved to another account.  The contact person for the primary types of encumbrances is:
    1. Purchase Orders – The Buyer in Purchasing
    2. Travel – Suzanne Harden in Travel Management Services
    3. Printing – Shirley Evans in Printing Services
    4. Payroll – Department Payroll

I will be happy to work with you to resolve any outstanding issues.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at (219) 980-6832.

TJ Stoops

Director of Sponsored Research