iun special events

Welcome to the new Event and Room Request System!

We are now using Ad Astra, the university's enterprise application, to handle room reservations. Some important information to help you before you schedule your event.


  • Who can Schedule an Event?
    Only designated faculty and staff are able to submit the online request forms. You may contact your department administrative assistant for help completing and submitting the form.
  • What browser should I use for Ad Astra?
    Please use Firefox to access Ad Astra! There are known issues with other browsers.
  • How can I schedule multiple rooms?
    An Event Request with multiple rooms only need be submitted once; you will be given the opportunity to reserve multiple rooms when you request that event.
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule catering for my event?
    Catering requests need 20 days to fully process. Please take that into account when you are submitting a request for an event that requires catering.
  • When will my event be approved?

    Your event and room request must go through a double approval process, first for the event and then for the room. You will receive first an automatic email acknowledgement that your request was submitted. The approval emails for the requested event and room(s) will follow as much as one or two days later.

    Please do not assume you have the room or that the event (and resources!) will be there unless you have received an acknowledgement from the appropriate approvers.

  • Submitting an event and room request.

    There are 2 quick forms for submitting an event and room request:

    NW Classroom Meeting Room Request Form

    A simple classroom or meeting room, no other resources needed (no catering, special set ups, AV, marketing, etc) – requires a 1 day lead time

    NW Special Event Request Form

    For an event that may need catering, special set ups, AV help, marketing, etc – requires a 5 day lead time (20 days for catering).

  • How can I cancel a reservation that I have already made?

    Please contact the appropriate room approver listed below:

    Conference rooms:

    Linda Sharma

    (219) 980-6803

    TerryAnn Defenser

    (219) 980-7763


    Laura Segars

    (219) 980-6818


    Anna Villanueva

    219 980 6944

    Art Gallery:

    Ann Fritz

    (219) 980-6891

    Women’s Center:

    Sheri Sosh

    (219) 980-6714

  • Who do I call if I have questions?

    Please contact the UITS-NW Support Center for questions regarding Ad Astra.

    UITS Northwest Support Center
    Hawthorn Hall108

    219-981-4357 (HELP)