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iun special events
  • The Office of Campus Events is here to guide you through the process of hosting a campus event. Once you have an authorized budget and date in mind, please contact our office for direction on planning a quality event.

    Please view our guidelines and polices for efficient arrangements for your event. It will be best if the guidelines and polices are followed. It is suggested that you allow at least 1 month before your event to complete the steps. Thank you for you cooperation.

    IU Northwest reserves the right to restrict and/or refuse the use of its facilities to a non-university group or organization.

  • To secure a space, please use the on-line Event Scheduler program located in the Events section under University Advancement & External Affairs or in the A-Z Biglist under "Event Schedule" on the IU Northwest website. Remember to include ALL the rooms you will need. You will receive an email for your confirmed reservation.

  • Below are guidelines for efficient arrangements for your campus event.  It is suggested that you allow at least one (1) month before your event date to complete the following steps.

  • On-line room reservations: Event Scheduler Facility Request

    • Enter all pertinent information in the Scheduler including fax numbers, account numbers if requesting catering, description of event and room arrangements.
    • Be specific on CALENDAR hours. (Actual event start and end times)
    • Provide set-up details. (if uncertain of room arrangements, please contact Campus Events)
    • Note:  Do not proceed with event arrangements until your room request has been approved.
  • Catering orders go through the Office of Campus Events. They must be made no less than two (2) weeks or ten (10) business days before your event date. (Catering forms and menu)

    • Contact the Office of Campus Events immediately upon booking your room if you are requesting catering
    • Progressive Dining Group is the contracted exclusive food service provider which includes all catering on the IU Northwest campus. 
    • Please provide the following information (you may wish to use the Catering/Linen Request form as a guideline) Catering Form.
      • Budget and account number to be charged.
      • Number of participants expected.
      • Time your event begins; times you require delivery of catering, serve time and tear-down.
      • Type of food and drink; include dietary requirements, i.e., vegetarian, food allergies.
      • Table coverings?  Wait staff?  (required for some events and tables)

    Note:  An approved Hospitality Form for both University and Foundation accounts and a signed catering quote must be submitted to the Office of Campus Events before the catering request will be confirmed.

  • Please contact IT directly for your audio/visual need. You may contact them at:

    • Online request at Instructional Media Services. (at least two (2) weeks or more before your event):  
    • Calling the Support Center at extension 4357 (h-e-l-p)
  • Please allow at least four (4) weeks before your event for any requests made to this department. For questions about printed materials or press releases, please contact Marketing and Communications directly or you may contact them at:

  • Please refer to this website: Parking for Special Events

    • Please contact Parking Services directly for your parking needs or questions.
    • Temporary parking tags are available through Parking Services in Moraine Student Services or from the parking kiosks located inside Lot 2 and on 35th Avenue south of the Anderson Library Conference Center.  
    • Cost is $2.00 per tag.  
    • For larger events, please contact Parking Services to arrange suspension of issuing parking tickets.  Note that a cost is involved.
    • Campus Police may be required for your event.
    • Upon review by Campus Police, you will be notified if your event requires any police presence.
    • If you do need a campus police officer at your event, an approved billing form, with an account number, must be presented to Campus Events prior to your event for the charges.
  • A sponsored event is one in which a campus department/unit has been requested by an outside organization to host the outside organization’s event on campus.  Room rental fees are waived when an outside organization is sponsored.  The event must show merit or be of benefit to the campus.   Sponsorship Form

    • A member of the host department/unit would act as liaison to the campus for the outside group, would have to be involved in the planning of the outside organization’s arrangements at least four (4) weeks in advance, and would have to be present at the event as the campus representative.
    • A sponsorship form must be filled out and approved by a Department Head or Dean and have the signature of the person sponsoring the outside organization.  That person would be the liaison between the outside group and Campus Events.
    • A facility use agreement with the University is required - the sponsoring department is responsbile for filling this out and returning it to Campus Events for final approval.
    • The sponsored group must provide a certificate of liability insurance to Campus Events two (2) weeks prior to the event.  The following information must be included on the certificate of liability insurance form:
      • $1MM/$2MM minimum general liability limits and name “The Trustees of Indiana University, its officers, agents and employees” as both the Certificate Holder AND as Additional Insured and submit it to the Office of Special Events.