Office of Special Events

Office of Special Events

Catering Procedures

Planning your event

All requests for catering must go through the Office of University Events (OUE). The OUE will work with Comfort’s Catering, the food service provider which is under contract to provide catering on our campus.  The contract does not permit other caterers or food service vendors to operate on campus.

Ordering timeline

  • Please allow at least two (2) weeks – ten (10) business days – prior to your event to order catering from Comforts Catering to ensure that all paperwork and arrangements for catering are completed.
  • Orders for catering one (1) week – five (5) business days – prior to an event will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please note that Catering may not be able to accommodate a request on short notice or may only be able to offer limited choices.
  • Orders for catering two (2) business days (48 hours) prior to an event will not be considered. C

Changes and Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations must be called into the Office of University Events.  Any catering orders that are cancelled less than 24 hours before the event will be charged 100% the original quoted cost.
  • Changes to guest numbers must be made no later than seventy-two (72) hours in advance.
  • Changes to menu selections must be made no later than one (1) week in advance.


A service charge of 5% will be charged for all 3rd party events not billed to a University or University Foundation account.

Steps to complete a catering order

  • Call or email the Office of University Events with your request at least two (2) weeks in advance. 
  • Please provide the following information (you may wish to use the Catering/Linen Request form as a guideline):
    • Building and room number event is to take place (please make sure you have an approved reservation before proceeding)
    • Number of guests
    • Time to deliver, serve and break down food service
    • Do you want servers at your event, do you want linen and skirting for your buffet and/or speaker tables
    • Category of food you require – breakfast, reception, luncheon, dinner – OSE will help you with the menu should you need advice
  • OUE will obtain a quote and fax it to you for your approval.
  • Fax back a signed copy of the approved quote with a completed and approved Billing and Hospitality Form so we can confirm the order with Comforts.

Catering Forms - Must be completed prior to the event

  • If using a university account (06-xxx-xx, 23-xxx-xx, etc.) or a Foundation account, a Hospitality form must be filled out and all approvals must be obtained.   A copy of a completed form must be sent to the Office of University Events before a catering order is confirmed. Hospitality request form.
  • Please complete a Billing Form and send this to OUE with an approved signature.

PLEASE NOTE: the completed and approved forms must be in the Office of University Events before your catering order is confirmed with Comforts; failure to do so may result in not having catering for your event.

Meal Tickets

  • Please allow one (1) week – five (5) business days – prior to your event to ensure that all paperwork and arrangements with catering are completed.
  • A Hospitality Form must be filled out for meal tickets. 
  • The Office of University Events must be notified if you will be using meal tickets at your event in order to inform Comforts of the use of tickets and increased volume at the Café, and to expedite payment to Comforts.
  • Please provide OUE with a sample of the meal ticket you will be using.

PLEASE NOTE: Meal tickets will not be honored at the Café if the Office of University Events has not initiated the process.

Food & Beverages other than from comforts

  • If Comforts Catering is not able to cater your event and you are permitted to use another food service provider, fill out a Hospitality form if you are using a university or foundation account to cover the charges.  This form must be completed and sent to the Office of Special Events to be kept on file.
  • Make any arrangements for pick up or delivery of food from approved food service providers; distribution of food, clean up, etc., is the responsibility of the host.  Food service guidelines regarding sanitation and food service safety must be followed.
  • Clean up after your event is necessary.  (Leaving trash on tables, food in the room, etc., may result in loss of future room reservation privileges.)
  • For use of a food service provider not on the IU Northwest list of approved vendors, a copy of that establishment’s current Board of Health inspection report must accompany a Temporary Food Service Application.
  • A Temporary Food Service Application must be completed and an approved copy must be sent to the Office of University Events to be kept on file each time a food service provider other than Comforts Catering is used.  Office of Environmental Health and Safety food service application.
  • A Certificate of Insurance form must be submitted to OUE by the food service provider.  This form must be submitted to OUE prior to your event. 
  • The Certificate of Insurance must have the following:
    • A minimum of $1MM/$2MM minimum general liability limits per occurrence.
    • It must name “The Trustees of Indiana University, its officers, agents and employees” as both the Certificate Holder AND as Additional Insured


  • Only Coca Cola products may be served at events on campus.  This includes all soft drinks, bottled water (Dasani) and bottled juices (Minute Maid). 
  • All leftover food and beverages remain the property of Comfort’s Catering and may not be removed from the event.

For more information regarding Hospitality Guidelines visit: Office of Fiscal Affairs Hospitality Procedures.
For more information regarding Food Service safety and a list of approved food service providers, visit: Office of Environmental Health and Safety.
For more information regarding these guidelines or to request a catering quote, contact the Office of University Events – 219-980-6803 or 219-980-7763.