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Students participate in the ctmiculum for the correctional management cetiificate to gain further understanding of how the development and implementation of effective managerial skills can have a positive impact on the correctional process and to increase their own personal career mobilily.

WHY consider a Correctional Management Certificate?

  •  + To improve interactions with administration
  •  + To enhance communications with co-workers
  •  + To develop skills in working with inmates
  •  + To improve opportunities for promotion
  •  + To earn academic credit

WHO is eligible to enroll for a Correctional Management Certificate?

  • Persons who have a high school diploma or have acquired a GED and who have been admitted to an accredited college or university.

WHAT are the certificate requirements?

  • Students must complete the five course requirements of the certificate program for a total of 15 credits. All courses must be completed with a 2.0 or better grade awarded.

WHERE are the courses available?

  • Through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at !UN, and other IU campuses in the state.

WHAT happens if l decide to enroll in a degree program?

  • The School of Public and Environmental Affairs also offers Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Criminal Justice.

WHEN can I enroll in the Correctional Management Certificate program?

  • Courses are offered every semester and usually in the summer.

HOW do I enroll in courses?

  • You must first register as a student at IUN or another IU campus.
  • Meet with one of the academic advisors who teaches criminal justice courses at IUN.
  • Enroll in courses through the standard registration format as required in the schedule of classes.

WHAT courses are required for the certificate?

  • J101 -Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System + J304 -Correctional Law
  • J331 -Introduction to Corrections + J370-Special Topic: Correctional Administration
  • J370-Special Topic: Correctional Counseling (Note: Other SPEA courses offered may be approved for substitution of the J370 courses with advisor approval)

WHERE can I find more information?

You can find out more about the certificate program as well as other options offered through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs by visiting the School of Public and Environmental Affairs page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.