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The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice is a 60 credit hour degree for students interested in criminal justice specifically. Flexibility within the program allows students with specialized interests in law enforcement, corrections, or other aspects of criminal justice to tailor the program to their needs. After receiving the associate degree, students are in an excellent position to continue in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program.

Degree Requirements

  1. A minimum of 60 credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 is required.
  2. A grade point average of 2.3 (C+) must be attained in all courses taken to complete the public affairs core and/or the concentration depending on the specific associate degree program in which enrolled.
  3. Credit work for these degree programs may be taken at any campus of Indiana University.
  4. Applicable course work completed in special student or non-degree status will be accepted toward meeting degree requirements.
  5. Not more than 30 credit hours of appropriate transfer credit from another accredited institution may be applied toward this degree.
  6. With permission of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, credit earned through correspondence study in the Division of Independent Study of Indiana University and/or by special credit examination may be applied toward this degree.
  7. Courses taken on the Pass/Fail option can be applied only as electives in meeting degree requirements. In no case can more than two Pass/Fail courses be applied toward this degree.
  8. To avoid loss of credit and other problems, students must apply for admission to the associate degree program prior to completing 35 credit hours of course work creditable toward the degree (excluding ROTC credit awarded through military service).
  9. Students must complete associate degree requirements before attaining senior status (86 credit hours) to be eligible for awarding of an associate degree.
  10. All credit of candidates for the Associate of Science degree, except for the current semester, must be on record at least six weeks prior to the conferring of degrees.
  11. Application for the Associate of Science degree must be filed with the division recorder.

Students are responsible for planning their own programs and for meeting degree requirements. It is the student's responsibility to understand fully, and to comply with, all the provisions of this publication.

Students admitted under previous requirements have the option of completing the degree under the requirements in effect at the time of their admission.


General Education Requirements

  1. Communication (3 courses)
    • ENG W131 Elementary Composition I (3 cr.)
    • ENG W231 Professional Writing Skills (3 cr.)
    • One course in speech (3 cr.)
  2. Arts and Humanities (1 course). A course from one of the following subject areas (excluding courses used to satisfy other degree requirements): Afro-American studies, classical studies, comparative literature, English, fine arts, folklore, foreign languages and literatures, history (HIST H105 or HIST H106 recommended), musicology and music history, philosophy, religious studies, speech, theatre and drama.
  3. Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 courses) One course each from two of the following subject areas (excluding courses used to satisfy other degree requirements): anthropology, economics, geography, journalism, linguistics, political science, psychology, sociology (PSY P101 and SOC S161 recommended).
  4. Natural Sciences (1 course)  One course from one of the following subject areas (excluding courses used to satisfy other degree requirements): physiology, astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, physics, zoology.
  5. Quantitative Methods (1 course) One course from one of the following subject areas: computer science, statistics, mathematics (100 level or higher).
  6. Public Affairs and Policy (1 course) SPEA V170 Introduction to Public Affairs (3 cr.)
  7. Criminal Justice Concentration (6 courses)
    •     SPEA J101 American Criminal Justice System (3 cr.)
    •     SPEA J102 Special Issues in the American Criminal Justice System (3 cr.)
    Three of the following courses:
    •     SPEA J301 Substantive criminal Law (3 cr.)
    •     SPEA J306 The Criminal Courts (3 cr.)
    •     SPEA J321 American Policing (3 cr.)
    •     SPEA J331 Corrections (3 cr.)
        One additional SPEA criminal justice courses (3 cr.)
  8. General Electives: Sufficient additional courses beyond the general education, core, and concentration requirements are needed to meet the Associate of Science degree requirement of 60 credit hours.

For more information, visit the School of Public and Environmental Affairs page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.