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Dr. Joe Ferrandino
Community service: I analyze data and map information for the Gary Police Department (and this will become a part of the J439 capstone course in Fall 2012), and will soon do the same for the Gary Fire Department in conjunction with the V500 and V506 courses starting in Fall 2012. I have also taught responsible fatherhood courses at Westville Correctional Facility and Camp Summit Boot Camp.

Dr. Monica Solinas-Saunders
Since I joined the IUN family I have been involved in two major Community Engagement Projects:

  1. The Reentry of Ex–Offenders for Northwest Indiana project that includes a number of reentry programs (such as Community Corrections, Exodus Group, Positive Impact, etc) to improve the odds that ex-offenders become integrated in our society and find opportunities to conduct healthy and productive lives.
  2. The Juvenile Detention Alternatives to Incarceration Initiative (JDAI) with the Lake County Juvenile Justice Center; I offer data assistance to ensure that we provide consistent and reliable data to the National Project on the assessment of the US Juvenile Justice System led and conducted by the Anne E. Casey Foundation.

Dr. Susan Zinner
Member, Insitutional Review Board, Community Hospital, Munster, IN (review research projects involving patients before physicians are allowed to proceed)
Member, Bioethics Committee, Community Hospital, Munster, IN (review ethical issues at the hospital affecting patients, families or employees, create policies, etc.)
Member, Park Forest Department of Health, Park Forest, IL (serve on board of community health clinics, implement policies, plans to meet health needs of the community)